Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK I/Chapter 12-Public Contracts and Conveyances]


Public Contracts and Conveyances

SECTION 47. Contracts and Conveyances.—Contracts or conveyances may be executed for and in behalf of the Government or of any of its branches, subdivisions, agencies, or instrumentalities, including government-owned or controlled corporations, whenever demanded by the exigency or exigencies of the service and as long as the same are not prohibited by law.

SECTION 48. Official Authorized to Convey Real Property.—Whenever real property of the Government is authorized by law to be conveyed, the deed of conveyance shall be executed in behalf of the government by the following:

(1) For property belonging to and titled in the name of the Republic of the Philippines, by the President, unless the authority therefor is expressly vested by law in another officer.

(2) For property belonging to the Republic of the Philippines but titled in the name of any political subdivision or of any corporate agency or instrumentality, by the executive head of the agency or instrumentality.

SECTION 49. Authority to Convey Other Property.—Whenever property other than real is authorized to be conveyed, the contract or deed shall be executed by the head of the agency with the approval of the department head. Where the operations of the agency regularly involve the sale or other disposition of personal property, the deed shall be executed by any officer or employee expressly authorized for that purpose.

SECTION 50. Conveyance of National Government Property to Local Governments.—When the real property belonging to the National Government is needed for school purposes, or other official use by any local government, the President shall authorize its transfer, and the department head or other authority concerned shall execute in favor of the local government the necessary deed of conveyance by way of gift, sale, exchange, or otherwise, and upon such terms as shall be for the interest of the parties concerned. Nothing herein provided shall be deemed to authorize the conveyance of unreserved public land, friar land or any real property held by the Government in trust or for a special purpose defined by law.

SECTION 51. Execution of Contracts.—(1) Contracts in behalf of the Republic of the Philippines shall be executed by the President unless authority therefor is expressly vested by law or by him in any other public officer.

(2) Contracts in behalf of the political subdivisions and corporate agencies or instrumentalities shall be approved by their respective governing boards or councils and executed by their respective executive heads.

Executive Order No. 292