Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK I/Chapter 6-Official Gazette]


Official Gazette

SECTION 24. Contents.—There shall be published in the Official Gazette all legislative acts and resolutions of a public nature; all executive and administrative issuances of general application; decisions or abstracts of decisions of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, or other courts of similar rank, as may be deemed by the said courts of sufficient importance to be so published; such documents or classes of documents as may be required so to be published by law; and such documents or classes of documents as the President shall determine from time to time to have general application or which he may authorize so to be published.

The publication of any law, resolution or other official documents in the Official Gazette shall be prima facie evidence of its authority.

SECTION 25. Editing and Publications.—The Official Gazette shall be edited in the Office of the President and published weekly in Pilipino or in the English language. It shall be sold and distributed by the National Printing Office which shall promptly mail copies thereof to subscribers free of postage.

Executive Order No. 292