Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK III/Title I/Chapter 3-Power Over Aliens]


Power Over Aliens

SECTION 8. Power to Deport.—The President shall have the power to deport aliens subject to the requirements of due process.

SECTION 9. Power to Change Non-Immigrant Status of Aliens.—The President, subject to the provisions of law, shall have the power to change the status of non-immigrants by allowing them to acquire permanent residence status without necessity of visa.

SECTION 10. Power to Countermand Decisions of the Board of Commissioners of the Bureau of Immigration.—The decision of the Board of Commissioners which has jurisdiction over all deportation cases shall become final and executory after thirty (30) days from promulgation, unless within such period the President shall order the contrary.

SECTION 11. Power over Aliens under the General Principles of International Law.—The President shall exercise with respect to aliens in the Philippines such powers as are recognized by the generally accepted principles of international law.

Executive Order No. 292