Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK III/Title III/Chapter 9-Functions of the Different Offices in the Office of the President Proper]




Functions of the Different Offices in the Office of the President Proper


SECTION 24. Functions of the Private Office.—The Private Office shall provide direct services to the President and shall for this purpose attend to functions and matters that are personal or which pertain to the First Family.


SECTION 25. Declaration of Policy.—The Executive Office shall be fully responsive to the specific needs and requirements of the President to achieve the purposes and objectives of the Office.

SECTION 26. The Executive Secretary, the Deputy Executive Secretaries, and the Assistant Executive Secretaries.—The Executive Office shall be headed by the Executive Secretary who shall be assisted by one (1) or more Deputy Executive Secretaries and one (1) or more Assistant Executive Secretaries.

SECTION 27. Functions of the Executive Secretary.—The Executive Secretary shall, subject to the control and supervision of the President, carry out the functions assigned by law to the Executive Office and shall perform such other duties as may be delegated to him. He shall:

(1) Directly assist the President in the management of the affairs pertaining to the Government of the Republic of the Philippines;

(2) Implement presidential directives, orders and decisions;

(3) Decide, for and in behalf of the President, matters not requiring personal presidential attention;

(4) Exercise supervision and control over the various units in the Office of the President Proper including their internal administrative requirements;

(5) Exercise supervision, in behalf of the President, over the various agencies under the Office of the President;

(6) Appoint officials and employees of the Office of the President whose appointments are not vested in the President;

(7) Provide overall coordination in the operation of the Executive Office;

(8) Determine and assign matters to the appropriate units in the Office of the President;

(9) Have administrative responsibility for matters in the Office of the President coming from the various departments and agencies of government;

(10) Exercise primary authority to sign papers “By authority of the President”, attest executive orders and other presidential issuances unless attestation is specifically delegated to other officials by him or by the President;

(11) Determine, with the President’s approval, the appropriate assignment of offices and agencies not placed by law under any specific executive department;

(12) Provide consultative, research, fact-finding and advisory service to the President;

(13) Assist the President in the performance of functions pertaining to legislation;

(14) Assist the President in the administration of special projects;

(15) Take charge of matters pertaining to protocol in State and ceremonial functions;

(16) Provide secretarial and clerical services for the President, the Cabinet, the Council of State, and other advisory bodies to the President;

(17) Promulgate such rules and regulations necessary to carry out the objectives, policies and functions of the Office of the President Proper;

(18) Perform such other functions as the President may direct.


SECTION 28. Functions of the Common Staff Support System.—The various staff units in the Office of the President Proper shall form a common staff support system and shall be organized along the various tasks of the Office namely:

(1) The Cabinet Secretariat which shall assist the President in the establishment of agenda topics for the Cabinet deliberations, or facilitate the discussion of cabinet meetings. It shall have such organization, powers and functions as are prescribed by law;

(2) The Presidential Management Staff (PMS) which shall be the primary governmental agency directly responsible to the Office of the President for providing staff assistance in the Presidential exercise of overall management of the development process. It shall have such organization, powers and functions as are prescribed by law;

(3) General Government Administration Staff which shall provide the President with staff support on matters concerning general government administration relative to the operations of the national government including the provision of legal services, administrative services, staff work on political and legislative matters, information and assistance to the general public, measures toward resolution of complaints against public officials and employees brought to the attention of the Office of the President and such other matters as the President may assign;

(4) Internal Administrative Staff which shall render auxiliary and support services for the internal administration of the Office of the President.


SECTION 29. Functions of Presidential Assistants/Advisers System.—The Special Assistants/Advisers System shall provide advisory or consultative services to the President in such fields and under such conditions as the President may determine.

Executive Order No. 292