Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Chapter 11-Administrative Issuances]


Administrative Issuances

SECTION 50. General Classification of Issuances.—The administrative issuances of Secretaries and heads of bureaus, offices or agencies shall be in the form of circulars or orders.

(1) Circulars shall refer to issuances prescribing policies, rules and regulations, and procedures promulgated pursuant to law, applicable to individuals and organizations outside the Government and designed to supplement provisions of the law or to provide means for carrying them out, including information relating thereto; and

(2) Orders shall refer to issuances directed to particular offices, officials, or employees, concerning specific matters including assignments, detail and transfer of personnel, for observance or compliance by all concerned.

SECTION 51. Numbering System of Issuances.—Every circular or order issued pursuant to the preceding section shall properly be identified as such and chronologically numbered. Each class of issuance shall begin with number 1 for each calendar year.

SECTION 52. Official Logbook.—Each department, bureau, office or agency shall keep and preserve a logbook in which shall be recorded in chronological order, all final official acts, decisions, transactions or contracts, pertaining to the department, bureau, office or agency. Whenever the performance of an official act is in issue, the date and the time record in the logbook shall be controlling. The logbook shall be in the custody of the chief Administrative Officer concerned and shall be open to the public for inspection.

SECTION 53. Government-wide Application of the Classification of Issuances.—(1) The Records Management and Archives Office in the General Services Administration shall provide such assistance as may be necessary to effect general adherence to the foregoing classification of issuances, including the conduct of studies for developing sub-classifications and guidelines to meet peculiar needs; and

(2) All administrative issuances of a general or permanent character shall be compiled, indexed and published pursuant to the provisions of this Code.

Executive Order No. 292