Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Chapter 12-Miscellaneous Receipts]


Miscellaneous Receipts

SECTION 54. Charges for Property Sold or Services Rendered; Refunds.—(1) For services required by law to be rendered for a fee, for supplies furnished, or articles of any kind sold to other divisions of the government or to any person, the head of bureau, office or agency may, upon approval of the Secretary, charge and collect the cost of the service, supplies, or articles or other rate in excess of cost prescribed by law or approved by the same authority. For local governments, the rate, except where otherwise prescribed by law, shall be fixed at cost or at such other reasonable rate in excess of cost by the boards or councils concerned;

(2) The officer authorized to fix the amount to be paid for service rendered and supplies or articles furnished or sold may recommend that the whole or part of any sum so paid be refunded, upon approval of the Commission on Audit.

SECTION 55. Disposition of Miscellaneous Bureau Receipts.—In the absence of special provision, money collected for property sold or service rendered, and all other receipts or earnings of bureaus, offices, and agencies not derived from taxation, shall accrue to the general unappropriated funds of the National Government.

SECTION 56. Printing of Studies and Researches.—With the approval of the Secretary, a bureau, office, or agency may print its studies, researches and similar materials for distribution at cost to the public. The Secretary may authorize the printing or reprinting of the said materials by private persons for sale to the public upon payment of such royalties as may be fixed by him, which shall accrue to the general fund.

Executive Order No. 292