Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Chapter 4-Bureaus]



SECTION 18. Bureaus in General.—(1) A Bureau is any principal subdivision of the department performing a single major function or closely related functions. Bureaus are either staff or line.

(2) Each bureau shall be headed by a Director who may have one or more Assistant Directors as provided by law; and

(3) Each bureau may have as many divisions as are provided by law for the economical, efficient and effective performance of its functions.

SECTION 19. Staff Bureau.—(1) A staff bureau shall primarily perform policy, program development and advisory functions.

(2) The Director of a staff bureau shall:

(a) Advise and assist the Office of the Secretary on matters pertaining to the Bureau’s area of specialization; (b) Provide consultative and advisory services to the regional offices of the department; (c) Develop plans, programs, operating standards, and administrative techniques for the attainment of the objectives and functions of the bureau; and (d) Perform such other duties as may be provided by law.

(3) The staff bureau shall avail itself of the planning, financial and administrative services in the department proper. The bureau may have a separate administrative division, if circumstances so warrant.

SECTION 20. Line Bureau.—(1) A line bureau shall directly implement programs adopted pursuant to department policies and plans.

(2) The Director of a line bureau shall:

(a) Exercise supervision and control over all divisions and other units, including regional offices, under the bureau; (b) Establish policies and standards for the operations of the bureau pursuant to the plans and programs of the department; (c) Promulgate rules and regulations necessary to carry out bureau objectives, policies and functions; and (d) Perform such other duties as may be provided by law.

(3) The line bureau may have staff units, as may be necessary, corresponding to the services of the department proper. If the bureau is small, only a single unit performing combined staff functions may be provided.

Executive Order No. 292