Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Chapter 5-Field Offices]


Field Offices

SECTION 21. Regional Offices.—Regional Offices shall be established according to law defining field service areas. The administrative regions shall be composed of a National Capital Region and Regions I to XII. Provincial and district offices may be established only by law whenever necessary.

SECTION 22. Integration of Field Service.—Except as otherwise provided by law and when the needs of the service so require, the department or agency shall organize an integrated regional office on a department or agency-wide basis.

SECTION 23. Administration of Regional Office.—The regional office shall be headed by a Regional Director who may be assisted by one (1) Assistant Regional Director, except as may otherwise be provided by law. The Regional Director shall be responsible for department or agency functions performed in the region under his jurisdiction.

SECTION 24. Supervision of Regional Offices.—(1) Whenever the function or activity of a department or agency requires central or interregional action, the function may be performed by the regional offices under the supervision and control of the department proper or line bureau concerned.

(2) The staff bureau or division shall perform primarily advisory or auxiliary functions and exercise in behalf of the department or agency functional supervision over the regional offices. This shall include authority to develop and set down standards, policies and procedures to be implemented by operating units, and to evaluate continuously such implementation for the purpose of recommending or when authorized, taking corrective measures.

SECTION 25. Organization of Regional Offices.—Regional offices organized on a department-wide basis shall have units or personnel in which the functional areas of the staff bureaus and services in the department shall be represented. Regional offices of a line bureau may have units or personnel in which the functional areas of the primary units of the bureau are represented. Related functions of regional units shall be consolidated.

SECTION 26. Functions of a Regional Office.—(1) A regional office shall:

(a) Implement laws, policies, plans, programs, rules and regulations of the department or agency in the regional area;
(b) Provide economical, efficient and effective service to the people in the area;
(c) Coordinate with regional offices of other departments, bureaus and agencies in the area;
(d) Coordinate with local government units in the area; and
(e) Perform such other functions as may be provided by law.

(2) District offices may be established only in cases of clear necessity.

SECTION 27. Duties of a Regional Director.—The Regional Director shall:

(1) Implement laws, policies, rules and regulations within the responsibility of the agency;

(2) Implement agency programs in the region;

(3) Exercise the management functions of planning, organizing, directing and controlling;

(4) Appoint personnel to positions in the first level and casual and seasonal employees; and exercise disciplinary actions over them in accordance with the Civil Service Law;

(5) Approve sick, vacation and maternity leaves of absence with or without pay, for a period not beyond one year;

(6) Prepare and submit budget proposals for the region to the central office, administer the budget of the regional office, authorize disbursement of funds pursuant to approved financial and work programs, and administer the budget control machinery in the region;

(7) Approve requisition for supplies, materials and equipment, as well as books and periodicals, and other items for the region, in accordance with the approved supply procurement program;

(8) Negotiate and enter into contracts for services or furnishing supplies, materials and equipment to the regional office involving an amount not exceeding fifty thousand pesos (P50,000.00) within a given quarter, provided that authority in excess of fifty thousand pesos (P50,000.00) may be further authorized by the proper department or agency head;

(9) Approve claims for benefits under existing laws;

(10) Approve requests for overtime services;

(11) Promote coordination among the regional offices, and between his regional office and local government units in the region;

(12) Provide housekeeping services for the regional office;

(13) Approve application of personnel for permission to teach, exercise a profession, or engage in business outside of office hours in accordance with standards and guidelines of the Civil Service Commission;

(14) Issue travel vouchers authorizing employees to travel on official business within the region for a period not exceeding thirty days;

(15) Approve attendance of personnel in conferences, seminars, and non-degree training programs within the region;

(16) Authorize the allocation of funds to provincial/district offices; and

(17) Perform such other duties and functions as may be provided by law or further delegated by the head of agency or other proper authorities concerned.

SECTION 28. Review of Acts of Regional Director.—Nothing in the preceding Section shall be construed as a limitation on the power of the Secretary to review and modify, alter or reverse any action of the Regional Director, or to initiate promotions and transfers of personnel from one region to another.

Executive Order No. 292