Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Chapter 8-Supervision and Control]


Supervision and Control

SECTION 39. Secretary’s Authority.—(1) The Secretary shall have supervision and control over the bureaus, offices, and agencies under him, subject to the following guidelines:

(a) Initiative and freedom of action on the part of subordinate units shall be encouraged and promoted, rather than curtailed, and reasonable opportunity to act shall be afforded those units before control is exercised;
(b) With respect to functions involving discretion, experienced judgment or expertise vested by law upon a subordinate agency, control shall be exercised in accordance with said law; and
(c) With respect to any regulatory function of an agency subject to department control, the authority of the department shall be governed by the provisions of Chapter 9 of this book.

(2) This Chapter shall not apply to chartered institutions or government-owned or controlled corporations attached to the department.

SECTION 40. Delegation of Authority.—The Secretary or the head of an agency shall have authority over and responsibility for its operation. He shall delegate such authority to the bureau and regional directors as may be necessary for them to implement plans and programs adequately. Delegated authority shall be to the extent necessary for economical, efficient and effective implementation of national and local programs in accordance with policies and standards developed by each department or agency with the participation of the regional directors. The delegation shall be in writing; shall indicate to which officer or class of officers or employees the delegation is made; and shall vest sufficient authority to enable the delegate to discharge his assigned responsibility.

SECTION 41. Line Bureau Authority.—(1) Line bureaus of a department shall exercise supervision and control over their regional and other field offices. They shall be directly responsible for the development and implementation of plans and programs within their respective functional specializations; and

(2) The regional and other field offices shall constitute the operating arms of the bureau concerned for the direct implementation of the plans and programs drawn up in accordance with approved policies and standards. As counterparts of the bureau in the region, they shall undertake bureau operations within their respective jurisdictions, and be directly responsible to their bureau director.

Executive Order No. 292