Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title I/Chapter 14-Miscellaneous Provisions]


Miscellaneous Provisions

SECTION 55. Use of Savings.—The Secretary is authorized to use any savings in the appropriations for the Department for the payment of: (a) expenses for the evacuation or repatriation to the Philippines, when necessary due to an emergency, of members of the household of the personnel of any diplomatic or consular establishment as well as the transportation of their personal effects; (b) actual return passage by the most direct and economical means of transportation and the cost of shipment of the household effects to Manila of any officer or employee in the Foreign Service, including the immediate dependent members of his family, who resigns or is separated from the service for cause; (c) the cost of preparing and transporting the remains of an officer or employee who is a citizen of the Philippines and the immediate members of his family who may die abroad or while in travel status; or (d) contingent and unforeseen expenses that may arise in connection with the operation of the Foreign Service.

SECTION 56. Pool of Foreign Service Officers.—In all appropriation acts providing funds for the operation and maintenance of the Department, the positions of Foreign Service Officers, including those who may serve in the home office, shall be in a pool grouped according to their classes with their salaries and allowances indicated in one lump sum for each class, leaving to the head of office the discretion to assign or commission those officers whenever their services may be utilized to advantage, subject to the limitations provided by law.

Executive Order No. 292