Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title I/Chapter 3-Department Services]


Department Services

SECTION 10. Office of the Legal Adviser.—The Office of the Legal Adviser shall be headed by a Legal Adviser, who shall be a career Chief of Mission. However, the Legal Adviser may be appointed by the President, upon the recommendation of the Secretary, from outside the career service, in which case he shall have the assimilated rank of a Chief of Mission. His term shall be co-terminus with the tenure of the Secretary, unless sooner terminated, and he is not eligible for foreign assignment. The Legal Adviser shall provide legal advice and services to the Department.

SECTION 11. Office of Coordination and Policy Planning.—The Office of Coordination and Policy Planning shall be headed by the Chief Coordinator. The Office of Coordination and Policy Planning shall initiate, coordinate and integrate the planning of foreign policy. It shall provide staff support to the Office of the Secretary and perform coordinating and such other functions as may be prescribed by the Secretary.

SECTION 12. Office of Data Banking and Communication.—The Office of Data Banking and Communication shall establish and maintain a modern data and communication center in the Department. The Office shall:

(1) Assist the Secretary on all matters regarding data banking and information retrieval;

(2) Establish, develop and maintain a computerized foreign-relations data bank for the Department;

(3) Establish, develop and maintain both domestic and foreign service communications systems, including efficient flow systems for all correspondence between and among all Department units;

(4) Establish, develop and maintain the records system of the entire Department;

(5) Provide technical assistance to any service, office, or attached agency of the Department, on matters within its competence; and

(6) Perform such other functions as may be assigned by the Secretary.

SECTION 13. Office of Protocol, State and Official Visits.—The Office of Protocol, State and Official Visits shall coordinate preparations for state visits, the reception of Chiefs of State, heads of Government, the highest foreign dignitaries visiting the Philippines, as well as official visits of Philippine officials abroad, as may be determined by the President. It shall also be responsible for handling all activities of the Department concerning protocol, ceremonials and socials, the proper observance and enforcement of formalities, courtesies, facilities, immunities and privileges under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, and other applicable conventions and agreements.

SECTION 14. Office of Intelligence and Security.—The Office of Intelligence and Security shall adopt a system of information gathering and analysis, act as liaison with the intelligence community, and provide security services in the Department. It shall also undertake the enforcement and monitoring of security procedures in the Department and Foreign Service establishments.

Executive Order No. 292