Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title I/Chapter 4-Board of Foreign Service Administration]


Board of Foreign Service Administration

SECTION 15. Composition.—The Board of Foreign Service Administration shall be composed of nine (9) members: one (1) Undersecretary as Chairman; the other Undersecretary as Vice-Chairman; the six (6) Assistant Secretaries and the Legal Adviser, as members.

SECTION 16. Functions.—The Board shall be responsible for considering and recommending policies for the efficient and economical discharge of the administrative operations of the Department and the Foreign Service. It shall also consider and submit recommendations on policy and other matters concerning personnel, including the appointment, promotion and assignment of Foreign Service Staff Officers and Employees, as well as recommend to the President through the Secretary the appointment and promotion of Foreign Service Officers, Counselors and Chiefs of Mission. It shall also act and submit recommendations on administrative cases involving personnel of the Department and the Foreign Service.

Executive Order No. 292