Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title II/Chapter 5-Regional Offices]


Regional Offices

SECTION 40. Regional Offices.—There shall be a Regional Office in each region. Each Regional Office shall be headed by a Regional Director.

A Regional Office shall have, within its administrative region, the following functions:

(1) Implement laws, rules and regulations, policies, plans, programs and projects of the Department;

(2) Provide efficient and effective services to the people;

(3) Coordinate with regional offices of other departments, offices and agencies in the region;

(4) Coordinate with local government units; and

(5) Perform such other functions as may be provided by law.

SECTION 41. DOF-RACO.—For purposes of achieving maximum utilization of resources, management coordination and administrative integration at the regional levels, there is hereby created a Department of Finance Regional Administrative Coordination Office (DOF-RACO) in each of the administrative regions of the country, to be headed by a Regional Executive Director who shall report directly to the Undersecretary for Internal Administration. The Secretary shall define the appropriate functions to be delegated to the DOF-RACO.

The Regional Offices of each operating Bureau under the Department, however, shall remain under the technical supervision and control of the head of the Bureau to which they belong. For monitoring purposes, however, each Regional Office shall submit operational reports to the DOF-RACO as required.

Executive Order No. 292