Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title III/Chapter 4-National Bureau of Investigation]


National Bureau of Investigation

SECTION 11. National Bureau of Investigation.—The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) with all its duly authorized constituent units including its regional and district offices and rehabilitation centers, shall continue to perform the powers and functions as are now vested in it under the existing law and such additional functions as may hereafter be provided by law.

SECTION 12. The NBI Director and Other Officials.—The NBI shall be headed by a Director assisted by an Assistant Director and five (5) Deputy Directors, for Intelligence, Investigation, Technical, Administrative and Comptroller Services, respectively.

The NBI is also authorized to continue the operation and maintenance of a Regional Office in each of the twelve (12) administrative regions of the country, to be headed by a Regional Director and assisted by an Assistant Regional Director.

SECTION 13. Internal Organization and Assignment of Personnel.—Subject to prior approval of the Secretary and to the limitations prescribed in the General Appropriations Act for personnel services expenditures in the NBI, the NBI director may be authorized to determine the internal organization of the constituent units of the Bureau including the composition and size thereof and the number, classes and level of positions (below the rank of presidential appointees) to be assigned or allocated thereto.

Executive Order No. 292