Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title III/Chapter 7-Parole and Probation Administration]


Parole and Probation Administration

SECTION 23. Parole and Probation Administration.—The Parole and Probation Administration hereinafter referred to as the Administration shall have the following functions:

(1) Administer the parole and probation system;

(2) Exercise general supervision over all parolees, and probationers;

(3) Promote the correction and rehabilitation of offenders; and

(4) Such other function as may hereafter be provided by law.

SECTION 24. Structural and Personnel Organization.—(1) The Administration shall be headed by an Administrator who shall be immediately assisted by a Deputy Administrator. The Administrator and Deputy Administrator shall be appointed by the President upon the recommendation of the Secretary.

The appointees to the positions of Administrator and Deputy Administrator must be holders of a doctoral/masteral degree in public administration and/or lawyers with at least one year of supervisory experience in probation work.

(2) The Administration shall have a Technical Service under the Office of the Administrator which shall serve as the service arm of the Board of Pardons and Parole in the supervision of parolees and pardonees.

The Board and the Administration shall jointly determine the staff complement of the Technical Service.

(3) The Administration shall likewise continue to operate and maintain a Regional Office in each of the administrative regions including the National Capital Region and also a probation and parole office in every province and city of the country.

The Regional, Provincial and City Offices of the Administration shall each be headed by a Regional Probation and Parole Officer, Provincial/City Probation and Parole Officer, respectively, all of whom shall be appointed by the Secretary upon the recommendation of the Administrator.

The Provincial or City Probation and Parole Officers shall be assisted by such field assistants and subordinate personnel as may be necessary to enable them to carry out their duties and functions. For this purpose, the Administrator may appoint citizens of good repute and probity to act as Probation and Parole Aides who shall not receive any regular compensation for their services except reasonable travel allowance.

SECTION 25. Applicability of P.D. No. 968, as amended.—The Provisions of P.D. 968 otherwise known as the Probation Law of 1976 shall continue to govern the operation and management of the Administration including the enumeration of functions and qualifications for appointment of the Administrator, Deputy Administrators, Regional, Provincial and City Probation Officers and their assistants and other subordinate personnel not inconsistent with this title.

Executive Order No. 292