Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title IV/Chapter 3-Department Services]


Department Services

SECTION 10. Planning and Monitoring Service.—The Planning and Monitoring Service shall be responsible for the formulation and integration of plans and programs, emanating from all units of the Department, including the Bureaus, Regional Offices and Attached Agencies. It shall also be responsible for data analysis and monitoring of the implementation of said plans and programs through its management information system.

SECTION 11. Computer Service.—The Computer Service shall be responsible for the development and maintenance of the electronic data processing requirements of the Department.

SECTION 12. Financial and Management Service.—The Financial and Management Service shall provide services relating to budgeting, accounting, and management.

SECTION 13. Administrative Service.—The Administrative Service shall be responsible for providing personnel, records, information, training and other general services.

SECTION 14. Legal Service.—The Legal Service shall handle the legal requirements including those pertaining to the quasi-judicial and regulatory functions of the Department Proper and its Bureaus.

SECTION 15. Agri-business Investment Information Service.—The Agri-business Investment Information Service shall conduct research, gather and collate data related to agri-business such as laws and regulations, taxation, production technologies, market strategies, competition, foreign assistance, grants, credit, and new venture considerations relating to agri-business and shall package information on agri-business investment opportunities and provide sample feasibility studies for different agricultural products and markets.

SECTION 16. Marketing Assistance Service.—The Marketing Assistance Service shall be responsible for identifying markets for Philippine agricultural products and shall assist in the planning of market centers, marketing channels, and distribution networks.

SECTION 17. Department Services Head.—Each of the Services of the Department shall be headed by a Staff Director.

Executive Order No. 292