Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title IV/Chapter 6-Attached Agencies]


Attached Agencies

SECTION 47. Attached Agencies.—The following units are hereby attached to the Department:

(1) Agricultural Credit Policy Council

(2) National Agricultural and Fishery Council

(3) Philippine Technical and Administrative Committee for SEAFDEC

(4) Livestock Development Council

(5) National Meat Inspection Commission

(6) Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority

(7) Fiber Industry Development Authority

(8) National Tobacco Administration

(9) Sugar Regulatory Administration

(10) National Food Authority and its subsidiaries

(11) Quedan Guarantee Fund Board

(12) Philippine Fisheries Development Authority

(13) Philippine Rice Research Institute

(14) Philippine Coconut Authority and its subsidiaries

(15) National Irrigation Administration

(16) Sacovia Development Authority; and

(17) Regional Cooperative Development Assistance Offices (Regions IX and XII).

SECTION 48. Specific Functions.—(1) The National Agricultural and Fishery Council shall act as an advisory and coordinative body of the Department. As such, it shall conduct and encourage consultative discussions among all agricultural sectors at the municipal, provincial, regional and national levels;

(2) The Philippine Technical and Administrative Committee for Southeast Asia Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) shall be responsible for the administration and management of the SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department and shall monitor and assess the performance of research projects on fisheries and aquaculture in accordance with the policies or standards established by the SEAFDEC International Council and the Department;

(3) The Livestock Development Council shall be responsible for the formulation and establishment of comprehensive policy guidelines for the livestock industry, preparation of plans and programs and evaluation of livestock programs/projects;

(4) The National Meat Inspection Commission shall conduct actual ante mortem inspection on all animals presented for slaughter and post mortem inspection on all animals presented for slaughter and post mortem inspection on all carcasses intended for human consumption in all abattoirs in the country; render technical assistance in the construction of meat establishments (abattoirs, dressing plants, processing plants and meat markets) particularly on the selection of sites, and plant design preparation, equipment design and test runs; exercise overall supervision and control of management and operations of all abattoirs, dressing plants, meat processing plants and meat markets.

SECTION 49. Organization and Operation.—The agencies attached to the Department shall continue to operate and function in accordance with their respective charters, laws or orders creating them, except as otherwise provided in this Code. Any provision of law to the contrary notwithstanding, the Secretary shall serve as Chairman of the governing boards of all attached units or agencies.

Executive Order No. 292