Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title VI/Chapter 4-Board of Higher Education]


Board of Higher Education

SECTION 8. Organization.—The Board shall be composed of an Undersecretary of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports designated as Chairman and four other members to be appointed by the President of the Philippines upon nomination by the Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports for a term of four years. The four members shall have distinguished themselves in the field of higher education and development either in the public or private sector. The Director of the Bureau of Higher Education shall participate in the deliberation of the Board but without the right to vote.

SECTION 9. Functions.—The Board of Higher Education shall:

(1) Articulate the policy and support the framework for both public and private post-secondary education;

(2) Make policy recommendations regarding the planning and management of the integrated system of higher education and the continuing evaluation thereof;

(3) Recommend to the Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports steps to improve the governance of the various components of the higher education system at national and regional levels; and

(4) Assist the Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports in making recommendations relative to the generation of resources and their allocation for higher education.

SECTION 10. Staff Assistance.—The Bureau of Higher Education shall provide the Board with the necessary technical and staff support; Provided, That the Board may create technical panels of experts in the various disciplines as the need arises.

Executive Order No. 292