Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title VI/Chapter 8-Attached Agencies]


Attached Agencies

SECTION 20. Attached Agencies.—The following agencies are hereby attached to the Department:

(1) National Museum;

(2) National Library;

(3) National Historical Institute;

(4) Institute of Philippine Languages;

(5) Instructional Materials Corporation;

(6) Instructional Materials Council;

(7) Educational Development Projects Implementing Task Force;

(8) Educational Assistance Policy Council;

(9) National Youth and Sports Development Board;

(10) National Social Action Council;

(11) National Board of Teachers;

(12) Boy Scouts of the Philippines;

(13) Girl Scouts of the Philippines; and

(14) Records Management and Archives Office.

SECTION 21. Supervised and Controlled Agencies.—The Department shall exercise supervision and control over the following agencies:

(1) Health and Nutrition Center; and

(2) National Education Testing and Research Center.

SECTION 22. Functions and Duties.—The agencies attached to as well as those under the supervision and control of the Department shall continue to operate and function in accordance with their respective charters or laws creating them except as otherwise provided in this Code

Executive Order No. 292