Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title VII/Chapter 3-Department Services]


Department Services

SECTION 9. Planning Service.—The Planning Service shall provide the Department with efficient, effective and economical services relating to planning, programming, project development and evaluation, and the development and implementation of a management information system.

SECTION 10. Administrative Service.—The Administrative Service shall provide the Department with efficient, effective and economical services relating to records, management, supplies, equipment, collections, disbursements, building administration and maintenance, security and custodial work.

SECTION 11. Human Resource Development Service.—The Human Resource Development Service shall provide the Department with a program and corresponding projects that shall make available training, education and development opportunities needed to upgrade the levels of competence and productivity of Department managers and personnel. It shall absorb the powers and functions of the Administrative Service in relation to the development and administration of personnel programs including selection and placement, development, performance evaluation, employee relations and welfare.

SECTION 12. Financial Management Service.—The Financial and Management Service shall be responsible for providing the Department with efficient, effective and economical services relating to budgetary, financial, management improvement and internal control matters.

SECTION 13. Legal Service.—The Legal Service shall provide legal advice and service to Department officers and employees; prepare informative or clarificatory opinions on labor laws, rules and regulations for uniform interpretation thereof; answer legal queries from the public; assist the Office of the Solicitor General in suits involving the Department or its officers or employees or act as their principal counsel in all actions taken in their official capacity or other causes before judicial or administrative bodies.

SECTION 14. International Labor Affairs Service.—The International Labor Affairs Service shall be responsible for monitoring the observance and implementation of all obligations, courtesies, and facilities required by international labor affairs, particularly the International Labor Organization, the Conference of Asian Pacific Labor Ministries, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Labor Ministers Meeting of which the Philippines is a member, and related international labor standards and agreements reached in various international labor forums, treaties, and other multilateral, bilateral or multi-bilateral agreements in the area of labor and employment; provide staff support and policy guidelines to the Secretary in the supervision, monitoring and reporting of the activities of the Philippine overseas labor officers assigned in different countries; serve as the instrumentality of the Department for technical cooperation, programs and activities with other countries and international institutions.

SECTION 15. Information and Publication Service.—The Information and Publication Service shall be responsible for rapport and understanding between the Department and the public through the development of public relations programs and the dissemination of accurate and updated information on labor and employment, by means of publications and media coverages of special events and related matters on the Department’s policies, plans, programs, and projects; likewise, it shall be responsible for providing answers to queries from the public regarding the Department’s policies, rules, regulations, programs, activities and services.

Executive Order No. 292