Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title VIII/Subtitle II/Chapter 2-Department Proper]


Department Proper

SECTION 19. Office of the Secretary.—The Office of the Secretary shall consist of the Secretary and his immediate staff as determined by him.

SECTION 20. Office of the Undersecretary.—The functions of the Undersecretary shall be as follows:

(1) Advise and assist the Secretary in the formulation and implementation of Department’s objectives and policies;

(2) Oversee all the operational activities of the Department for which he shall be responsible to the Secretary;

(3) Coordinate the programs and projects of the Department, and be responsible for its economical, efficient, and effective administration;

(4) Serve as deputy to the Secretary, in all matters relating to the operations of the Department; and

(5) Perform such other functions as may be provided by law.

When the Secretary is unable to perform his duties owing to illness, absence, or other cause, as in case of vacancy in the Office, the Undersecretary shall temporarily perform the functions of said Office.

SECTION 21. Executive Staff.—The Executive Staff shall be composed of the Staff for Plans and Programs, Staff for Installation and Logistics, Staff for Public Affairs, Staff for Strategic Assessment, Staff for Comptrollership, Staff for Personnel, and the Legal Service.

SECTION 22. The Service Staff.—The Service Staff shall be composed of the Administrative Services Office, and Information Management Office.

SECTION 23. Personal Staff.—There shall be a Personal Staff as may be determined by the Secretary.

Executive Order No. 292