Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title VIII/Subtitle II/Chapter 11-Integrated National Police]


Integrated National Police

SECTION 63. Composition.—Unless otherwise provided by law, the Integrated National Police shall be composed of the Philippine Constabulary as the nucleus, and the Integrated Police Force, Fire Services and Jail Management Services as components, under the Department of National Defense.

SECTION 64. Organizational Structure.—The Chief of Constabulary shall prescribe, subject to the approval of the Secretary of National Defense, the table of organization and equipment, ranks and position titles, functions, duties and powers of the various staffs, services, installations and other units of the Integrated National Police. The different headquarters of the Philippine Constabulary in the national, zone or regional and provincial levels shall be the nuclei of the corresponding headquarters of the Integrated National Police. The appropriate offices in the different headquarters levels may be jointly staffed by the constabulary, police, jail and fire service officers and personnel so that an integrated police and public safety services would be effectively discharged.

SECTION 65. Head of the Integrated National Police.—The Chief of Constabulary to be known as Director-General shall be the head of the Integrated National Police. He shall have command of all elements thereof. He may issue from time to time instructions regarding personnel, funds, records, property, correspondence and such other matters to carry out the provisions of this Chapter. As Director-General, the Chief of Constabulary shall be assisted by the Deputy Chiefs of Constabulary, the general staff and the special, administrative and technical staffs of the Philippine Constabulary.

SECTION 66. Functions.—The Integrated National Police shall:

(1) Enforce law and maintain peace and order;

(2) Insure public safety;

(3) Prevent and control fires;

(4) Administer city and municipal jails; and

(5) Perform such other functions provided by law or assigned by higher authorities.

SECTION 67. Authority of the President Over the Integrated National Police.—In the exercise of its power to maintain peace, law, order, and public safety, the Integrated National Police shall be subject to the command and supervision and control of the President and shall function directly under the Secretary of National Defense.

Executive Order No. 292