Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title VIII/Subtitle II/Chapter 4-Office of Civil Defense]


Office of Civil Defense

SECTION 27. Organization.—The Office of Civil Defense shall be headed by an Administrator who shall be assisted by a Deputy Administrator. The Office shall have staff and operating units as may be provided by law.

SECTION 28. Functions.—The Office shall:

(1) In times of war and other national emergencies of equally grave character, coordinate the activities and functions of various government agencies and instrumentalities, as well as of private institutions and civic organization devoted to public welfare to maximize the utilization of the facilities and resources of the entire nation for the protection and preservation of the civilian population and property;

(2) Establish and administer a comprehensive national civil defense and assistance program to include the estimation of the total material, manpower and fiscal requirements for carrying out the said program and coordinate the allocation to local government units such aid in facilities, materials and funds as may be made available by the national government;

(3) Furnish guidance and coordinate the activities of the national government, local governments, private institutions and civic organizations for civil preparedness;

(4) Develop and coordinate a program for informing, educating and training the public on civil defense measures and activities; and

(5) Perform such other functions as may be provided by law.

SECTION 29. Operating Services.—The Administrator shall, subject to the approval of the Secretary of National Defense, prescribe the organization, functions, duties and responsibilities of civil defense units on the national and local government levels, in connection with the various operating units for civil defense. Civil defense operating units shall be established for the national and local government defense organizations. The local units shall operate under the supervision and control of the respective heads of the local government civil defense organizations to which they appertain.

SECTION 30. Basic, Technical and Administrative Services.—

(1) The basic services of the AFP shall be composed of the Major Services. Enlisted personnel of the standing force and the reserve force must belong to one of the basic services.

(2) The technical services of the AFP shall be composed of the Medical Corps, Dental Service, Nurse Corps, Veterinary Corps and the Judge Advocate General Service.

(3) The administrative services shall consist of the Chaplain Service, Women Auxiliary Corps, Medical Administrative Corps and the Corps of Professors.

(4) Appropriate military occupational specialties may be prescribed by the Chief of Staff for each of the basic, technical and administrative services.

(5) Appointment of officers to the basic, technical and administrative services, and enlistment in the basic service shall be governed by rules and regulations prescribed by the Secretary of National Defense.

Executive Order No. 292