Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title XI/Chapter 3-Department Services]


Department Services

SECTION 8. Management and Executive Services.—The Management and Executive Services shall have the following functions:

(1) Recommend the implementation of appropriate systems and procedures as it relates to the overall monitoring and feedback mechanisms required by the Office of the Secretary;

(2) Gather, consolidate, appraise, prepare and submit regular top management reports pertaining to the Department and overall administration, financial, programs and projects implementation status for decision making purposes;

(3) Design and maintain a program/project display center(s) that will showcase the Department’s various plans, programs and accomplishments;

(4) Prepare and review office orders, memoranda and other communications;

(5) Provide secretariat support during meetings and conferences including international conferences and seminars relative to agrarian reform;

(6) Supervise the implementation of department-wide records management and disposal system;

(7) Develop alternative management systems which will increase efficiency in the delivery of services, attain better means of control, maximize use of available human and physical resources;

(8) Conduct periodic systems and procedures audit of the various units of the Department;

(9) Prepare news items on agrarian reform accomplishments and handle press and media relations work for the Secretary; and

(10) Perform such other functions as may be assigned by the Secretary.

SECTION 9. Legal and Public Assistance Service.—The Legal and Public Assistance Service shall have the following functions:

(1) Prepare legal decisions and resolutions of administrative cases and render legal opinions, interpretation of contracts, laws, rules and other administrative issuances;

(2) Prepare legal decisions and resolutions of administrative cases; and

(3) Provide public assistance services.

SECTION 10. Research and Strategic Planning Service.—The Research and Strategic Planning Service shall have the following functions:

(1) Review, analyze and integrate submitted plans and programs and special project proposals by Bureaus, services, and field offices and determine if plans and programs are in accordance with priorities set for budgetary support;

(2) Review, coordinate and integrate all recommendations for reprogramming and revision of work programs of the Department to support fund releases or requests;

(3) Initiate, integrate, or prioritize research studies and recommend for funding in coordination with units concerned and review and interpret research findings for policy applicability;

(4) Conduct researches or case studies for policy recommendations and application;

(5) Coordinate, integrate and assist in the assessment of programs and projects against plans, costs and resources, standards and performance targets;

(6) Coordinate, integrate and analyze periodic accomplishment reports of the Department as may be required or necessary;

(7) Maintain liaison with public and private development and planning bodies, public and private; and

(8) Perform such other functions as may be provided by law or assigned by the Secretary.

SECTION 11. Finance and Physical Assets Management Service.—The Finance and Physical Assets Management Service shall have the following functions:

(1) Prepare, execute and administer the Department’s budget including standards and guidelines;

(2) Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Central and Regional budget;

(3) Process all money claims related to all types of Department expenditures including personal services, maintenance and other operating expenses and capital outlays;

(4) Prepare financial reports and maintain books of accounts;

(5) Prepare, release and control check disbursements and index or monitor check payments;

(6) Implement proper internal control mechanisms;

(7) Formulate and implement policies and systems on the disposition of supplies, materials and equipment requirements of all operating units for their effective functioning;

(8) Undertake repair and maintenance of all equipment furniture, building facilities and grounds of the Department; and

(9) Manage and maintain an inventory of physical assets in the Department’s Central and Regional Offices.

SECTION 12. Administrative and Personnel Service.—The Administrative and Personnel Service shall exercise the following functions:

(1) Formulate and implement policies and guidelines on personnel placement, appraisal and action;

(2) Formulate and implement policies and guidelines on employee services, employee relations management and staff development;

(3) Service the reproduction, utility and messengerial requirements of all Departmental groups and offices;

(4) Provide the major operating units of the Department with basic equipment, supplies and materials including logistical support;

(5) Engage in general canvassing and purchasing of supplies, materials and equipment;

(6) Implement guidelines with respect to procurement services; and

(7) Perform such other functions as the Secretary may assign.

Executive Order No. 292