Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title XV/Chapter 1-General Provisions]


Transportation and Communications


General Provisions

SECTION 1. Declaration of Policy.—The State is committed to the maintenance and expansion of viable, efficient, fast, safe and dependable transportation and communications systems as effective instruments for national recovery and economic progress. It shall not compete as a matter of policy with private enterprise and shall operate transportation and communications facilities only in those areas where private initiatives are inadequate or non-existent.

SECTION 2. Mandate.—The Department of Transportation and Communications shall be the primary policy, planning, programming, coordinating, implementing, regulating and administrative entity of the Executive Branch of the government in the promotion, development and regulation of dependable and coordinated networks of transportation and communications systems as well as in the fast, safe, efficient and reliable postal, transportation and communications services.

SECTION 3. Powers and Functions.—To accomplish its mandate, the Department shall:

(1) Formulate and recommend national policies and guidelines for the preparation and implementation of integrated and comprehensive transportation and communications systems at the national, regional and local levels;

(2) Establish and administer comprehensive and integrated programs for transportation and communications, and for this purpose, it may call on any agency, corporation or organization, whether public or private, whose development programs include transportation and communications as integral parts thereof, to participate and assist in the preparation and implementation of such programs;

(3) Assess, review and provide direction to transportation and communications research and development programs of the government in coordination with other institutions concerned;

(4) Administer and enforce all laws, rules and regulations in the field of transportation and communications;

(5) Coordinate with the Department of Public Works and Highways in the design, location, development, rehabilitation, improvement, construction, maintenance and repair of all infrastructure projects and facilities of the Department. However, government corporate entities attached to the Department shall be authorized to undertake specialized telecommunications, ports, airports and railways projects and facilities as directed by the President of the Philippines or as provided by law;

(6) Establish, operate and maintain a nationwide postal system that shall include mail processing, delivery services and money order services and promote the art of philately;

(7) Issue certificates of public convenience for the operation of public land and rail transportation utilities and services;

(8) Accredit foreign aircraft manufacturers or international organizations for aircraft certification in accordance with established procedures and standards;

(9) Establish and prescribe rules and regulations for identification of routes, zones or areas of operation of particular operators of public land services;

(10) Establish and prescribe rules and regulations for the establishment, operation and maintenance of such telecommunications facilities in areas not adequately served by the private sector in order to render such domestic and overseas services that are necessary with due consideration for advances in technology;

(11) Establish and prescribe rules and regulations for the issuance of certificates of public convenience for public land transportation utilities, such as motor vehicles, trimobiles and railways;

(12) Establish and prescribe rules and regulations for the inspection and registration of air and land transportation facilities, such as motor vehicles, trimobiles, railways and aircraft;

(13) Establish and prescribe rules and regulations for the issuance of licenses to qualified motor vehicle drivers, conductors and airmen;

(14) Establish and prescribe the corresponding rules and regulations for enforcement of laws governing land transportation, air transportation and postal services, including the penalties for violations thereof, and for the deputation of appropriate law enforcement agencies in pursuance thereof;

(15) Determine, fix or prescribe charges or rates pertinent to postal services and to the operation of public air and land transportation utility facilities and services, except such rates or charges as may be prescribed by the Civil Aeronautics Board under its charter and, in cases where charges or rates are established by international bodies or associations of which the Philippines is a participating member or by bodies or associations recognized by the Philippine government as the proper arbiter of such charges or rates;

(16) Establish and prescribe the rules, regulations, procedures and standards for the accreditation of driving schools;

(17) Administer and operate the Civil Aviation Training Center (CATC) and the National Telecommunications Training Institute (NTTI); and

(18) Perform such other powers and functions as may be provided by law.

SECTION 4. Organizational Structure.—The Department shall consist of the Department Proper, the Department Regional Offices, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, and the Attached Agencies.

Executive Order No. 292