Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title XVI/Chapter 4-Bureaus and Offices]


Bureaus and Offices

SECTION 9. Composition.—The Staff bureaus listed in Section 7(2) hereof shall be essentially staff in character and as such shall exercise technical supervision over the Regional Offices; shall be primarily involved in the development of policies and programs within their respective functional specializations; and shall formulate and develop related policies, guidelines and standards necessary in guiding the Regional Offices in the proper implementation of such policies and programs.

SECTION 10. Functions.—Each of the staff bureaus shall:

(1) Formulate programs, policies, rules, regulations and standards relative to the implementation of their respective functional specialization;

(2) Initiate and administer pilot or special projects for demonstration of the corresponding policies, programs, services, strategies, methods, procedures and guidelines prior to nationwide implementation;

(3) Audit, evaluate, and provide technical assistance and consultative services to operating units and field offices and local government welfare departments on program implementation;

(4) Develop standards and assess agencies for licensing and accreditation;

(5) Review applications for regulatory purposes including tax exemptions for foreign donations;

(6) Provide advisory services to non-governmental agencies implementing programs and services for welfare and development;

(7) Formulate the substantive content of, and assist in the orientation and training on, the bureaus’ programs, services, strategies, procedures, methods and guidelines;

(8) Develop indigenous literature and other media materials for clients, volunteers and other audiences;

(9) Promote and develop a system of networking and coordination with relevant welfare councils;

(10) Undertake studies and action researches on matters pertaining to client welfare and development and propose relevant policies and amendments for legislation;

(11) Maintain linkages relative to welfare programs or projects for national, regional and interregional cooperation.

SECTION 11. Areas of Specialization.—The substantive/functional areas of specialization of the staff bureaus shall be:

(1) Bureau of Emergency Assistance—relief and rehabilitation of victims of natural calamities and social disorganization and of cultural communities and other distressed and displaced persons;

(2) Bureau of Family and Community Welfare—assistance to socially disadvantaged families and communities including family planning, planning outreach programs to develop their capability in defining needs and formulating solutions as well as setting up viable community structures which bring about desired social changes;

(3) Bureau of the Disabled Person’s Welfare—disability prevention and rehabilitation of the physically, mentally and socially disabled persons;

(4) Bureau of Women’s Welfare—promoting women’s welfare, with specific attention to the prevention or eradication of exploitation of women in any form, such as but not limited to prostitution and illegal recruitment; as well as the promotion of skills for employment and self-actualization;

(5) Bureau of Child and Youth Welfare—care and protection of abandoned, neglected, abused or exploited children and youth, delinquents, offenders, the disturbed, street children, victims of prostitution and others, for their social adjustment and economic self-sufficiency.

Executive Order No. 292