Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title XVI/Chapter 5-Regional Offices]


Regional Offices

SECTION 12. Regional Office.—The Department is hereby authorized to establish, operate and maintain a Regional Office in each of the administrative regions of the country.

SECTION 13. Functions.—A Regional Office shall:

(1) Provide within the region efficient and effective services to its constituents; and for such purposes, establish, operate, promote and support, at the minimum, the following welfare facilities:

(a) Vocational Rehabilitation and Special Education Center for the Handicapped;

(b) Reception and Study Center;

(c) Rehabilitation Center for Youth Offenders;

(d) Day Care Centers;

(2) Ensure the implementation of laws, policies, programs, rules, and regulations regarding social welfare and development within the region;

(3) Secure effective coordination with other departments, agencies, institutions and organizations, especially local government units within the region;

(4) Conduct continuing studies and planning, to improve its services to its constituents.

SECTION 14. Welfare Facilities.—The Regional Offices are hereby authorized to establish, operate, and maintain the following, insofar as necessary and authorized by the Secretary:

(1) Other Vocational Rehabilitation and Special Education Centers for the Handicapped;

(2) “Street Children” Centers;

(3) Centers for Youth with Special Needs;

(4) Other Centers for Youth Offenders;

(5) Homes for the Aged;

(6) Homes for Unwed Mothers;

(7) Drug Abuse Centers;

(8) Other Reception and Study Centers; and

(9) Such other facilities as may be necessary to assist the socially disadvantaged.

SECTION 15. Regional Director.—The Regional Office shall be headed by a Regional Director who shall be responsible for efficiently and effectively carrying out its functions. Toward this end, and in line with the policy of decentralization, the Regional Director shall be vested with the authority to exercise functional and administrative supervision over Department provincial operations as delegated by the Secretary including the authority to contribute resources and personnel to integrated region and province-wide development thrusts.

The Regional Director shall be assisted by two (2) Assistant Regional Directors, one for programs and one for administration.

Executive Order No. 292