Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title XVI/Chapter 6-Provincial/City Offices]


Provincial/City Offices

SECTION 16. Provincial/City Office.—The Department is hereby authorized to establish, operate and maintain Provincial/City Offices throughout the country with jurisdiction over all municipalities/districts within the province. The Provincial/City Offices shall have the following functions:

(1) Formulate and coordinate the implementation of operational, field-level plans/programs of the Department;

(2) Provide specialized services and comprehensive assistance to other department/agency units whenever necessary;

(3) Secure all pertinent feedback and information from field units as well as appropriate department/agency units, particularly local government units, and communicate the same regularly to the Regional Office;

(4) Establish and maintain a vocational rehabilitation and special education program for the handicapped in the form and magnitude appropriate for the needs of the province.

SECTION 17. Provincial/City Welfare Office.—The Provincial/City Office shall be headed by a Provincial/City Social Welfare Officer who shall be accountable for the efficient and effective performance of its functions and implementation of programs of the Department, within the province. The Provincial/City Social Welfare officer shall exercise functional administrative supervision over field operations of the Department, including the authority to recommend that field resources and personnel be contributed to integrated, municipality-wide development efforts.

Executive Order No. 292