Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title XVI/Chapter 9-Fund Drives]


Fund Drives

SECTION 20. Solicitation.—Any person, corporation, organization, or association desiring to solicit or receive contributions for charitable or public welfare purposes shall first secure a permit from the Regional Offices of the Department. Upon the filing of a written application for a permit in the form prescribed by the Regional Offices of the Department, the Regional Director or his duly authorized representative may, in his discretion, issue a permanent or temporary permit or disapprove the application. In the interest of the public, he may in his discretion renew or revoke any permit issued under Act 4075.

SECTION 21. Requirements.—The Regional Director of the Department may require the person, corporation, organization or association duly authorized to solicit contributions for the above mentioned purposes to submit from time to time a verified report or information regarding their activities, the period covered by the report, the collection and expenditures made and the names and addresses of the contributors and persons to whom assistance was rendered from the funds obtained. This report or information shall be open for inspection of the general public. The Regional Director or his duly authorized representative may, for the protection of the public, likewise investigate the books, papers, affairs and activities related to the aforestated purposes of any such person, corporation, organization, or association: Provided, however, That the provisions of the preceding Section shall not apply to any organization or institution established for charitable or public welfare purposes in its campaign for raising funds or soliciting public subscriptions or any means for collecting funds which has been authorized by Executive Proclamation.

SECTION 22. Fees.—Upon approval of the application for a solicitation permit, a fee of Twenty-Five Pesos (P25.00) shall be paid to the cashier of the Department. The money collected as fee for the issuance of solicitation permits shall accrue to the Department as aid for the maintenance of its institutions and social services for its clientele.

Executive Order No. 292