Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK IV/Title XVII/Chapter 3-Department Services]


Department Services

SECTION 7. Management Services Office.—The Management Services Office shall consist of the following bureaus:

(1) The Systems and Procedures Bureau which shall review and design the management reporting systems, review and evaluate the applicability and economics of computerization, purchasing/inventory systems, formulate measures on internal controls to ensure accuracy, integrity and reliability of records systems, and develop a system of controls for capital operational and cash budgeting;

(2) The Organization and Productivity Improvement Bureau which shall develop performance standards as bases for agency budgeting and performance evaluation, conduct studies on work simplification and methods improvement, review the equipment procurement programs of agencies, and prepare operations manuals and conduct continuing studies on organizational changes of government agencies;

(3) The Compensation and Position Classification Bureau which shall classify positions and determine appropriate salaries for specific position classes and review the compensation benefits programs of agencies and shall design job evaluation programs.

SECTION 8. The Legislative, Administrative and Procurement Services Office.—The Legislative, Administrative, Procurement and Services Office shall consist of:

(1) The Legislative Services which shall provide legal advice and service to the Department Officers and employees, review legislative proposals and provide clarificatory opinions on budget laws.

(2) The Administrative Services which shall provide the services relative to personnel, records management, allocation of property and supplies, and shall perform security and custodial functions.

(3) The Procurement Services which shall implement an integrated programs for the procurement of supplies and materials for the Department.

SECTION 9. The Financial and Computer Services.—The Financial and Computer Services shall consist of:

(1) The Financial Services which shall provide services relative to cash management, budgetary and financial matters.

(2) The Data Processing Service which shall provide computer services, prepare and generate management reports, maintain and operate computer-based information monitoring systems.

Executive Order No. 292