Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK VI/Chapter 6-Budget Accountability]


Budget Accountability

SECTION 51. Evaluation of Agency Performance.—The President, through the Secretary shall evaluate on a continuing basis the quantitative and qualitative measures of agency performance as reflected in the units of work measurement and other indicators of agency performance, including the standard and actual costs per unit of work.

SECTION 52. Budget Monitoring and Information System.—The Secretary of Budget shall determine accounting and other items of information, financial or otherwise, needed to monitor budget performance and to assess effectiveness of agencies’ operations and shall prescribe the forms, schedule of submission, and other components of reporting systems, including the maintenance of subsidiary and other records which will enable agencies to accomplish and submit said information requirements: Provided, that the Commission on Audit shall, in coordination with the Secretary of Budget, issue rules and regulations that may be applicable when the reporting requirements affect accounting functions of agencies: Provided, further, that the applicable rules and regulations shall be issued by the Commission on Audit within a period of thirty (30) days after the Department of Budget and Management prescribes the reporting requirements.

SECTION 53. Monitoring of Expenditures.—Expenditures of national government agencies shall be recorded so as to identify expenditures as classified into such categories as may be determined by the Department of Budget and Management, including but not limited to the following: (1) agency incurring the obligation, (2) program, project and activity, (3) object of expenditure, including personal services, operating and maintenance expenditures, equipment, and capital outlays, (4) region or locality of use, (5) economic or functional classification of the expenditure, (6) obligational authority and cash transactions arising from fund releases, and such other classifications as may be necessary for the budget process. The Secretary of Budget shall determine the data and information requirements thus needed and the Commission on Audit shall formulate the accounting rules and regulations, including changes in the Chart of Accounts and the general or subsidiary accounting records, as may be necessary to generate the desired data and information. The Chief Accountants of agencies and where necessary, accountants of regional offices, shall submit the data needed by the Department of Budget and Management in accordance with such rules and regulations as it may formulate.

SECTION 54. Standard Costs.—The Department of Budget and Management shall develop standard costs for duly approved units of work measurement for each agency’s budgetary projects or activities. These standard costs shall be compared with actual unit costs and utilized in the evaluation of agency budgetary performance.

SECTION 55. Review of Budgetary Programs.—The Secretary of Budget shall conduct a continuing review of the budgetary program and project structure of each department, office or agency, the result of which shall be the basis for modifying or amending such structure for incorporation in the President’s budget proposals to the Congress.

SECTION 56. Semi-Annual Report on Accomplishments of Government Agencies.—The heads of departments, bureaus, offices or agencies of the government shall submit a semi-annual report of their accomplishments, both work and financial results, in accordance with such content and format as may be prescribed by the Secretary. These reports shall be designed and use for the purpose of monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness with which budgeted funds are being utilized, and generally for verifying the attainment of goals established in the budget process.

SECTION 57. Failure to Submit Reports.—Failure on the part of agency heads, chief accountants, budget officers, cashiers, disbursing officers, administrative and personnel officers, and other responsible officers of departments, bureaus, offices and agencies to submit trial balances, work and financial plans, special budgets, reports of operation and income, plans, special budgets, reports of operation and income, current agency plantilla of personnel and such other reports as may be necessary and required by the Department of Budget shall automatically cause the suspension of payment of their salaries until they have complied with the requirements of the Department of Budget. No appropriation authorized in the General Appropriations Act shall be made available to pay the salary of any official or employee who violates the provisions of this section, in addition to any disciplinary action that may be instituted against such erring official or employee.

Executive Order No. 292