Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK V/Title II/Subtitle C/Chapter 4-Attached Agencies]


Attached Agencies

SECTION 16. Retained Agencies.—The following agencies, currently attached to the Authority, shall continue to be so attached for purposes of supervision:

(1) Philippine Institute for Development Studies;

(2) Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency; and

(3) Tariff Commission.

The Authority shall arrange for the transfer of the functions of the following agencies to the Regional Development Councils concerned or other agencies as may be appropriate:

(1) Kalinga Special Development Region;

(2) Laguna Lake Development Authority;

(3) Leyte Sab-A Basin Development Authority.

The National Council for Integrated Area Development (NACIAD) and the Central Visayas Regional Projects Office (CVRPO) are hereby transferred to the Authority which shall, within one (1) year from the date of effectivity of this Code, recommend their transfer to the appropriate department in conjunction with the Department of Budget and Management. The Authority shall further review the functions and activities of all other Integrated Area Development programs and projects and any other programs requiring multi-sectoral and/or multi-disciplinary approaches in order to recommend the appropriate disposition and supervision of the same.

The Authority shall furthermore review the mandate, objectives and functions of all development authorities in order to recommend such dispositions or revisions of their charters, as may be deemed advisable.

Executive Order No. 292