Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK V/Title I/Subtitle A/Chapter 8-Prohibitions]



SECTION 54. Limitation on Appointment.—(1) No elective official shall be eligible for appointment or designation in any capacity to any public office or position during his tenure.

(2) No candidate who has lost in any election shall, within one year after election, be appointed to any office in the Government or any government-owned or controlled corporations or in any of its subsidiaries.

(3) Unless otherwise allowed by law or by the primary functions of his position, no appointive official shall hold any other office or employment in the Government or any subdivision, agency or instrumentality thereof, including government-owned or controlled corporations or their subsidiaries.

SECTION 55. Political Activity.—No officer or employee in the Civil Service including members of the Armed Forces, shall engage directly or indirectly in any partisan political activity or take part in any election except to vote nor shall he use his official authority or influence to coerce the political activity of any other person or body. Nothing herein provided shall be understood to prevent any officer or employee from expressing his views on current political problems or issues, or from mentioning the names of candidates for public office whom he supports: Provided, That public officers and employees holding political offices may take part in political and electoral activities but it shall be unlawful for them to solicit contributions from their subordinates or subject them to any of the acts involving subordinates prohibited in the Election Code.

SECTION 56. Additional or Double Compensation.—No elective or appointive public officer or employee shall receive additional or double compensation unless specifically authorized by law nor accept without the consent of the President, any present, emolument, office, or title of any kind from any foreign state.

Pensions and gratuities shall not be considered as additional, double or indirect compensation.

SECTION 57. Limitations on Employment of Laborers.—Laborers, whether skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled, shall not be assigned to perform clerical duties.

SECTION 58. Prohibition on Detail or Reassignment.—No detail or reassignment whatever shall be made within three (3) months before any election.

SECTION 59. Nepotism.—(1) All appointments in the national, provincial, city and municipal governments or in any branch or instrumentality thereof, including government-owned or controlled corporations, made in favor of a relative of the appointing or recommending authority, or of the chief of the bureau or office, or of the persons exercising immediate supervision over him, are hereby prohibited.

As used in this Section, the word “relative” and members of the family referred to are those related within the third degree either of consanguinity or of affinity.

(2) The following are exempted from the operation of the rules on nepotism: (a) persons employed in a confidential capacity, (b) teachers, (c) physicians, and (d) members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines: Provided, however, That in each particular instance full report of such appointment shall be made to the Commission.

The restriction mentioned in subsection (1) shall not be applicable to the case of a member of any family who, after his or her appointment to any position in an office or bureau, contracts marriage with someone in the same office or bureau, in which event the employment or retention therein of both husband and wife may be allowed.

(3) In order to give immediate effect to these provisions, cases of previous appointments which are in contravention hereof shall be corrected by transfer, and pending such transfer, no promotion or salary increase shall be allowed in favor of the relative or relatives who were appointed in violation of these provisions.

Executive Order No. 292