Executive Order No. 292 [BOOK V/Title I/Subtitle B/Chapter 1-General Provisions]


The Commission on Audit


General Provisions

SECTION 1. Declaration of Policy.—All resources of the government shall be managed, expended or utilized in accordance with law and regulations and safeguarded against loss or wastage through illegal or improper disposition to ensure efficiency, economy and effectiveness in the operations of government. The responsibility to take care that such policy is faithfully adhered to rests directly with the chief or head of the government agency concerned.

SECTION 2. Definition of Terms.—Unless the context otherwise requires, when used in this Title:

(1) “Fund” is a sum of money or other resources set aside for the purpose of carrying out specific activities or attaining certain objectives in accordance with special regulations, restrictions, or limitations, and constitutes an independent fiscal and accounting entity.

(2) “Government funds” includes public moneys of every sort and other resources pertaining to any agency of the Government.

(3) “Revenue funds” comprises all funds deprived from the income of any agency of the Government and available for appropriation or expenditure in accordance with law.

(4) “Trust funds” refers to funds which have come officially into the possession of any agency of the Government or of a public officer as trustee, agent, or administrator, or which have been received for the fulfillment of some obligation.

(5) “Depository funds” comprises funds over which the officer accountable therefor may retain control for the lawful purposes for which they came into his possession. It embraces moneys in any and all depositories.

(6) “Depository” refers to any financial institution lawfully authorized to receive government moneys upon deposit.

(7) “Resources” refers to the actual assets of any agency of the Government such as cash, instruments representing or convertible to money, receivables, lands, buildings, as well as contingent assets, such as estimated revenues applying to the current fiscal period not accrued or collected, and bonds authorized and unissued.

(8) “Government agency” or “agency of the government,” or “agency” refers to any department, bureaus or office of the National Government, or any of its branches and instrumentalities, or any political subdivision, as well as any government-owned or controlled corporation, including its subsidiaries, or other self-governing board or commission of the Government.

Executive Order No. 292