Executive Order No. 54, s. 1999





WHEREAS, the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines mandates the State to protect and promote the right of the people to balanced ecology and sustainable economy in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature;

WHEREAS, the people living near or along the Pasig River have the right to live in an environment that is free from pollution and unsanitary conditions;

WHEREAS, the Pasig River has fast deteriorated because of poor waste management and disposal by the factories and homes along its banks;

WHEREAS, the Pasig River is considered to be a vital ingredient in the transport of goods and people and its rehabilitation will be beneficial for the development of Metro Manila and the country in general;

WHEREAS, the Pasig River, because of its natural deep waters and strategic location remains a viable alternative for decongesting the road network system of Metro Manila and its environs, thus positively utilizing the River for commerce and industry;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH EJERCITO ESTRADA, President of the Republic of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:

Section 1. Creation. The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission is hereby created to ensure that the waterway is rehabilitated to its historically pristine condition conducive to transport, recreation and tourism.

Sec. 2. Composition and Membership. The Commission shall be composed of the following:

a) The Secretary of the Department of Budget and Management who shall act as its Chairman;

The Chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) who shall act as its Co-Chairman;

b) The Secretaries and Heads of the following agencies or their representatives as members;

1. Office of the Executive Secretary

2. Department of Public Works and Highways

3. Department of Environment and Natural Resources

4. Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council

5. Department of Tourism

6. Department of Transportation and Communications

7. Department of Finance

Sec. 3. Powers and Functions. In order to achieve its mandate of rehabilitating the Pasig River, the Commission shall have the following powers and functions;

a. Draw up an updated and integrated Master Plan on the Rehabilitation of the Pasig River, taking into account its potential for transportation, recreation and tourism;

b. Ensure that the easements provided for in the Civil Code and other related laws are observed including all the esteros and waterways that drain into the Pasig River;

c. Integrate and coordinate all programs related to the rehabilitation of the Pasig River, such as, but not limited to, the Pasig River Development Program (P.D. No. 274), Proclamation No. 704, series of 1995 and the Pasig River Environmental Management and Rehabilitation Sector Development Program, a continuation of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Program;

d. Abate the dumping of untreated industrial wastewater and sewerage into the river including all acts and omission in violation of the Pollution Control Law and other related laws;

e. Relocate settlers, squatters and other unauthorized or unlawful occupants along its banks;

f. Undertake civil works for the purpose, such as dredging, clearing of structures, cleaning of the River and all the esteros and waterways that drain into it;

g. Submit regular reports to the Office of the President on the status of the government’s efforts on the rehabilitation and development of the Pasig River;

h. Coordinate with all government agencies and offices, including local government units, regarding the necessary measures to implement this Order;

The Commission shall formulate and adopt its implementing rules and regulations;

Sec. 4. Funding. The amount of ten million (P10,000,000.00) Pesos is hereby authorized to be generated out of the contingency funds for the initial requirements of this Commission.

Sec. 5. Abolition of the Pasig River Development Council (PRDC), the Presidential Task Force on Pasig River Rehabilitation (PTFPRR) and River Rehabilitation Secretariat (RRS). The PRDC, PTFPRR and the RRS are hereby abolished and its functions, equipment and logistics shall pertain to and be assumed by the Commission. Any and all funds received by the abolished agencies as contributed to it for the rehabilitation of the Pasig River shall be transferred to the Commission.

Sec. 6. Incentives to be Granted. The incentives provided for in PD 274 and other related laws are hereby integrated as part of this Order.

Sec. 7. Repealing Clause. All orders, proclamations, rules, regulations, issuances or parts thereof, which are inconsistent with any provision of this Executive Order are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

Sec. 8. Effectivity. This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

DONE in the City of Manila, Philippines, this 06th day of January in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Nine.

President of the Philippines

By the President:

Acting Executive Secretary

Source: Presidential Management Staff

Office of the President of the Philippines. (1999). [Executive Order Nos. : 1 – 338]. Manila : Presidential Management Staff.