Secretary del Rosario meets with Yemen’s Foreign Minister

A May 1, 2011 press release prepared by the Department of Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert F. del Rosario met with Yemeni Foreign Minister Dr. Abu Bakr Qirbi on April 30 to discuss issues of mutual concern between the Philippines and Yemen.

Secretary del Rosario visited Yemen for the second time to assess the  developments in said country and to get updates on the condition of the Filipinos there.


The Secretary was assisted by Philippine Embassy in Riyadh Chargé d’Affaires Ezzedin Tago during his visit.

During his visit, he also swore into office Mohammad Al-Jamal as the first-ever Philippine Honorary Consul in Yemen to oversee and safeguard the interest of the Philippines there, under the supervision of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh. There are some 1,400 Filipinos in Yemen.

Secretary del Rosario met the Foreign Minister for the first time on March 20 in a working dinner in Sanaa. The Foreign Minister then assured Secretary Del Rosario that the Yemeni government is committed to protect and ensure the safety of Filipinos in Yemen.