Message of President Aquino to the 2012 Investment Priorities Plan (IPP), June 13, 2012

His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
To the 2012 Investment Priorities Plan (IPP)

[June 13, 2012]

The Philippine economy continues to expand at a dynamic pace despite today’s global uncertainties, registering a significant increase in credit ratings and confidence levels in the leading development indices.

Simultaneous with these ratings upgrade, our Board of Investments posted unprecedented investment approvals of over PhP368 billion just last year.

These promising reports give me confidence that our policy interventions and structural reforms are taking root, and my administration remains committed to sustaining this momentum of progress and moving towards becoming a model of stability and prosperity in the region.

For this purpose, we have strategically calibrated the 2012 Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) to further strengthen last year’s investment generation agenda, ensuring that our new initiatives will address present economic challenges and effectively establish sustainable gains. This year’s IPP has been crafted to focus on four critical areas: job generation, enhanced delivery of social services, international competitiveness, and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Anchored on the theme, “A New Day for Investments: ‘Coherent, Consistent, and Creative”‘ the 2012 IPP Plan is a commitment to the business community that my Administration is steadfast in sustaining a predictable, reliable, and efficient Philippine investment landscape.

With the 2012 IPP, together with our instituted governance and business environment reforms, we look forward to stronger investor partnerships, in accordance with our goal of stability and equitable progress.


June 2012



Investment Priorities Plan 2012