Funding Requirement

As of October 27, 2014, the Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan requires a total amount of P167,864,788,553[2] for implementation of the short- and medium-term projects, programs and activities (PPAs) from 2014 to 2016, broken down as follows:

Cluster Amount
Infrastructure P35,148,634,408
Social Services P26,406,233,815
Resettlement P75,678,683,100
Livelihood P30,631,237,230*
Total P167,864,788,553

*Note: Reduced from P33,682,884,442 in July 2014 as recommended by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

As of October 21, 2014, out of the total funding requirement, the DBM reports that the amount of P51,981,511,885 has already been released to fund the typhoon relief, rehabilitation and recovery efforts[3]. This amount has been distributed to the following:

Nat’l Gov’t Agencies P24,753,582,586
GOCCs P22,328,471,784
LGUs P36,831,947
Calamity Releases for Relief Operations P4,862,625,568
Total P51,981,511,885

Sources of Funds (Releases for TY Yolanda as of October 21, 2014)[1]:

[1] Figures from the DBM, October 21, 2014, as attached in Memorandum of Executive Secretary Ochoa to the President

FY 2013
FY 2014
FY 2012 Budget
Calamity Fund, Continuing Appropriations P76,971,739 P76,971,739
FY 2013 Budget
Calamity Fund P991,538,261 P991,538,261
Calamity Fund, Continuing Appropriations P1,801,349,234* P1,801,349,234
Regular Budget/Savings/Realignments within Agency P4,343,866,890 P4,343,866,890
Regular Budget/Savings/ Realignments within Agency, Continuing Appropriations P2,345,634,765 P2,345,634,765
Overall Savings P19,576,939,731 P19,576,939,731
Unprogrammed Fund P1,705,720,000 P1,705,720,000
FY 2014 Budget
NDRRMF P11,168,300,000 P11,168,300,000
Regular Budget/Savings/ Realignments within Agency P554,897,493 P554,897,493
Supplemental Appropriations, RA 10634 P3,510,070,837* P3,510,070,837
Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program P3,826,527,595* P3,826,527,595
Automatic Appropriations P2,155,595,486 P2,155,595,486
GRAND TOTAL P26,695,036,621 P25,362,375,410 P52,057,412,031

*Note: Amounts include provision for calamities other than Yolanda which cannot be segregated.

[1] NDRRMC Update as of April 17, 2014

[2] Memorandum by Executive Secretary Ochoa (approved by the President on October 29, 2014

[3] Memorandum by Executive Secretary Ochoa to all Concerned Heads of the Departments and Agencies dated October 28, 2014