Confirmatory Deed of 1903


CONFIRMATION by Sultan of Sulu of Cession of Certain


WE, the Sultan of Sulu, state with truth and clearness that we have ceded to the Government of British North Borneo of our own pleasure all the islands that are near the territory of North Borneo from Banguey Island as far as Sibuco Bay. These are the names of them: Muliangin, Muliangin Kechil, MalawaH, Tegabu, Bilian, Tegaypil, Lang Kayan, Boan, Lehiman. Bakungan, Bakungan Kechil, Libaran, Taganack, Beguan, Mantabtuan, Gaya, Omadal, Si Amil, Mabol, Kepalai, Dinawan, and the other islands that are situated alongside, or around or between the islands that are above-mentioned.

This is done because the names of the islands were not mentioned in the Agreement made with Baron de Overbeck and Mr. Alfred Dent on the 19th Maharam, 1295, corresponding with the 22nd January, 1878. It was known and understood between the two parties that the islands were included in the cession of the districts and islands mentioned in the above-stated Agreement.

NOW because what is above written is true and certain, we have set our seal to this notification.

Made at Sandakan the 22nd April, 1903.

(Signature of the Sultan.)

For Government, subject to His Excellency’s approval.

(Signed) A. COOK.

April, 22nd, 1903.


(Signed) E. W. BIRCH,

April, 29th, 1903.

(Cession money, 300 dollars a year. Arrears for past occupation 3,200 dollars.)


22 The Confirmatory Deed of 1903 must be viewed in the light of the Lease Agreement of 1878. The British North Borneo Company entered into a Confirmatory Deed with the Sultanate of Sulu in 1903, thereby confirming and ratifying what was done in 1878.

Source: Philippine Claim to North Borneo, Vol. I