Statement: President Quezon on Celebration of Bonifacio Day, November 30, 1938

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Press Statement* of President Manuel L. Quezon:
On Celebration of Bonifacio Day

[Released on November 30, 1938]

On this day, which we celebrate every year in honor of the patriot Andres Bonifacio, we need not so much be told as to be reminded of the virtues that were the attributes of his character. The yearly celebration of Bonifacio Day, far from making it a commonplace holiday despoiled of its original significance, should lend to it the color of a beautiful tradition, inviolable and revered.

At present, when the measure of service seems to be, with most people, the yardstick of personal gain, a dose of the fine qualities of Andres Bonifacio would ameliorate the current widespread spiritual poverty. The story of his life and death should re-impress upon us more deeply the fact that no sacrifice is too dear that we cannot afford to make it for the sake of this land that we call ours. Bonifacio made a lasting one, the ultimate sacrifice. Those of us who are forever appalled at the idea of personal loss will find new courage in the life of the Great Plebeian.

* Message of the President to the people of the Philippines.

Source: Presidential Museum and Library