Letter of President Quezon to Douglas MacArthur, February 20, 1942

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Fort Mills, P.I.
February 20, 1942

My dear General MacArthur:

Although I have given official recognition to the services you have rendered to the government of the Commonwealth and to the Filipino people in my Executive Order No. I, series of 1942, I feel that I must write you this letter, which partakes of an official as well as private character, in order to tell you how grateful I am, my own family, and the members of my whole staff for the kindness and generosity with which we have been treated here; and to ask you to convey to all the officers within your command, particularly to General Moore, our deep gratitude.

As I have already told you, I would have remained here to the very bitter end, if you deemed it necessary for me to stay. I am going only because you and I have agreed that the cause for which we are fighting can be best promoted by my being in the unoccupied territory where I could render you help and assistance by keeping up the morale and determination of my people to stand by America. But I am leaving you with a weeping heart, for you and I have not only been friends and comrades; we have been more than brothers. My thoughts will always be with you and your dear wife and my godson. If better days should come to all of us, as I hope they will, I expect that the memory of these hectic days will strengthen our friendship and cooperation even more. I am leaving my own boys, the Filipino soldiers, under your care. I know that you will look after their welfare and safety and that, above all, you will see to it that their names may go down in history as loyal and brave soldiers.

With my love to you, Jean and the boy, in which all my family joins, I say good-bye till we meet again. May God ever keep you under His protection.

Sincerely yours,

(Sgd.) Manuel Quezon

Gen. Doug MacArthur
Commanding General, USAFFE
Fort Mills, P.I.