Communique No. 1046, February 17, 1945

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Released to the Press at 0630/I hours, 17 February 1945:

COMMUNIQUE NO. 1046, 17 February 1945



We have captured BATAAN. The XI Corps landed elements of the 38th Division at MARIVELES on the morning of the 15th. The movement was mounted from OLONGAPO and was covered by the Seventh Fleet and the Far East Airforce. Preceeding the landings MARIVELES HARBOR was cleared of mines in a daring and skillful operation during which the fire of CORREGIDOR’s guns was neutralized by cruisers and destroyer batteries and by air strikes. The landing was made along the south coast at a number of points to the east and west centering around MARIVELES. Our losses were light. In the meanwhile the encirclement was completed by the 1st Infantry Regiment of the 6th Division now attached to the XI Corps driving south from PILAR capturing LIMANY and LAMAO in passage towards a junction with the 38th Division.

In south MANILA we continue the progressive reduction of the enemy’s final positions. East of the city, our forces seized the two airfields at MANDALUYONG. Patrols reached the west gate of FORT McKINLEY and the towns of MARAKINA and SANTO MINO.

Our heavy bombers and fighters dropped 147 tons of bombs on CORREGIDOR. Air patrols raiding TUGUEGARAO AIRFIELD in CAGAYAN VALLEY destroyed a number of enemy planes caught on the ground. Attack and heavy bombers struck in the north near ROSARIO and SAN FERNANDO, LA UNION and in the south at FORT McKINLEY.


A fighter sweep penetrated bad weather to attack KATO AIRDROME. A parked bomber was strafed and a train in the vicinity was wrecked. In the MANSEI ISLANDS to the east, patrol planes destroyed warehouses and sank or damaged three small freighters. One of our reconnaissance planes sank a small vessel off the HONGKONG coast.


A patrol plane destroyed a large building and strafed the radio station at MANOEI ISLAND.


Air patrols attacked enemy shipping at SOEMBAWA ISLAND leaving a small heavily laden freighter ablaze from direct hit, a large tug tailing oil, and bombed ATAMBOEA AIRFIELD on TIMOR.


Medium and fighter bombers dropped 66 tons of bombs in widespread attacks on NEW IRELAND bivouac areas, KERAVAT AIRDROME at RABAUL and enemy defended positions on BOUGAINVILLE.

Source: Arturo Rotor Papers, Pardo de Tavera Special Collections. Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University

Press Release. (1945). Arturo Rotor Papers, Pardo de Tavera Special Collections. Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, Philippines.