Message of President Osmeña to the Filipino people on V-J Day, September 2, 1945

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His Excellency Sergio Osmeña
President of the Philippines
To the Filipino People on V-J Day

[Released on September 2, 1945]

With the formal surrender of the Japanese Empire today, September 2, 1945, the long and terrible war is at an end. President Truman, speaking on behalf of all the United Nations, has proclaimed this day as V-J Day.

The surrender of Japan marks the turning point for us and for the peoples of all the United Nations.

Our effort has been devoted toward the paramount task of winning the war. Today the task is done. We must now devote ourselves to the task of winning the peace.

On the indestructible democratic foundations laid under the tutelage of America we must reconstruct and build. The rehabilitation of our country demands all our energies.

We must prepare for the independence which will soon be ours and, as members of the family of nations, we must work with other peoples in the effort to assure the peace and welfare of humanity. For our people we may hope to achieve a greater and lasting happiness.

Today is a day of thanksgiving in the flush of victory. It should also be a day of dedication to the heavy tasks that lie before us.

Source: Presidential Museum and Library

Osmeña, S. (1945). Message of His Excellency, Sergio Osmeña, President of the Philippines, to the Filipino People on V-J Day. Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines, 41 (6), 499-500.