Letter of President Osmeña to General MacArthur on the anniversary of the Leyte Landing

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His Excellency Sergio Osmeña
President of the Philippines
To General MacArthur
On the anniversary of the Leyte Landing

[Sent on October 20, 1945]

Washington, D.C. 98 207 18 1801

General of the Army Douglas MacArthur 057 General Headquarters Tokio.

I have been advised that the military authorities and Commonwealth officials in Leyte are preparing a program to celebrate the first anniversary of our landing there. The Cabinet recommended that I proclaim October 20 this year a special, holiday for Leyte. What I did was to proclaim this October 20 as a special national holiday all over the Philippines.

October 20, 1944 will always be memorable in Philippine History. On that day at the head of the gallant forces of the United States and with the full cooperation of the Filipino people you launched the military operations that not only resulted, in our liberation but also substantially contributed to the final defeat of Japan. It is in interesting coincidence that the high purpose sought by your illustrious father when he landed in Manila on August 13, 1898 was the very same purpose which you also sought to accomplish when you landed in Leyte on October 20, 1944.

On this first anniversary of our return to the Philippines I reiterate on behalf of my people our gratitude to you and to all the armed forces under your command for the liberation of our country.


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Source: Quezon Family Collections

Osmeña, S. (1945). [Letter of President Osmeña to General MacArthur on the anniversary of the Leyte Landing]. Quezon Family Collections. The MacArthur Memorial Archives and Library, Norfolk, VA.