The President’s Day: August 2, 1952

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Saturday. —  (August 2, 1952) After breakfasting in the Negara Palace, President Quirino gave a press conference attended by local press representatives and foreign correspondents. He indirectly hit President Sukarno’s neutrality policy, saying that such a policy is not in keeping with world trends. President Quirino pointed out that nations now maintain special inter-relations and commitments without necessarily losing independence. He also said that the main concern of Asians now is to preserve their freedom and liberty which were won with much sacrifice.

Following the press conference, President Quirino received members of the local Filipino community. In the afternoon, he attended a cocktail party given by Ambassador Proceso Sebastian.

In the evening, President Quirino honored President Sukarno at a state banquet held at the Hotel Des Indies. During this occasion, the two Presidents again made mutual pledges of amity and cooperation.