The President’s Day: August 4, 1952

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Monday. — (August 4, 1952) President Quirino’s lone caller was Congressman Ferdinand Marcos who wanted more funds with which to construct puericulture centers in Ilocos Norte. In the afternoon, President Quirino received members of the League of Provincial and City Treasurers and Assessors. He told them in his speech that politicians are to blame for scaring away investors and for spreading rumors that the Philippines is politically unstable. He urge them to intensify tax collection and lectured to them on how to get better results in their collection campaign.

The President took occasion to explain to the treasurers why he had to use a big plane on his trip to Indonesia. “You do not expect me to go in a caretela,” he told them. “It is not Elpidio Quirino who is going to be glorified. It is the country; it is to its greatest honor, dignity, and prestige.”