Executive Order No. 459, s. 1961





Upon the recommendation of the Provincial Board of Cotabato and pursuant to the provisions of section sixty-eight of the Revised Administrative Code, there is hereby created in the province of Cotabato a municipality to be known as Kalamansig to consist of the following barrios and sitios of the municipalities of Lebak and Palimbang, of the same province.

From the Municipality of Lebak

1. Kalamansig 8. Linek 15. Posal
2. Lun 9. Santa Clara Village 16. Limbato
3. Pitas 10. Sibayor 17. Limutan
4. Dansalang 11. Nalilidan 18. Simsiman
5. Pigtitiguinas 12. Bosawan 19. Cadiz
6. Madu 13. Calubcub 20. Tipudus
7. Port Lebak 14. Camp III  

From the Municipality of Palimbang

1. Sangay 5. Babancao
2. Mat 6. Basiawang
3. Danawan 7. Narra
4. Pasil 8. North Kulaman

with the seat of government at the barrio of Kalamansig.

The municipality of Kalamansig as herein organized shall have the following boundaries:

Beginning at a point at the mouth of Tipudus Creek; thence, following the course of Tipudus Creek upstream to its source; thence, following a straight line in an easterly direction till it intersects the municipal boundaries of Isulan and Lebak; thence, going southward in a straight line following the boundary of Lebak and Isulan municipalities and the Isulan-Palimbang boundary until it intersects a point on the Isulan-Palimbang boundary which is directly east of Sangay Point; thence, following a straight line in a westerly direction to Sangay Point; thence, following the boundary of the marine waters which this municipality shall have pursuant to the provisions of section 2321 of the Revised Administrative Code, to the mouth of Tipudus Creek, the point of beginning. (Based on the description in Resolution No. 591, dated November 27, 1961, of the Provincial Board of Cotabato, of the sketch plan or map prepared by the Office of the District Engineer of Cotabato, on file in this Office, Scale: 1:250,000)

The municipalities of Lebak and Palimbang shall have their present territories minus the portions thereof which are included in the territory of the municipality of Kalamansig, as delimited above.

The municipality of Kalamansig shall begin to exist upon the appointment and qualification of the mayor, vice-mayor, and a majority of the councilors thereof and upon the certification by the Secretary of Finance that said municipality is financially capable of implementing the provisions of the Minimum Wage Law and of providing for all the statutory obligations and ordinary essential services of a regular municipality and that the municipalities of Lebak and Palimbang, after the segregation therefrom of the territory comprised in the municipality of Kalamansig, can still maintain creditably their respective municipal governments, meet all their statutory and contractual obligations and provide for the essential municipal services.

Done in the City of Manila, this 29th day of December, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and sixty-one, and of the Independence of the Philippines, the sixteenth.

President of the Philippines

By the President:

Assistant Executive Secretary

Source: Presidential Museum and Library

Garcia, C. P. (1961). Executive Order No. 459 : Creating the municipality of Kalamansig in the Province of Cotabato. Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines. 58 (5), 814-815.