Official Week in Review: October 20 – October 26, 1963

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October 20.—PRESIDENT Macapagal ended his three-day barnstorming tour of Batangas today with an appeal to the people of the province to give him a Liberal control of the Senate in the November elections. He said his plea doubtlessly would have found support from Dr. Jose P. Laurel, Sr., under the principles of political science, if, he were alive today.

The President unreeled his third day of campaigning for the LP senatorial candidates in Batangas today by addressing an unscheduled, rally in Rosario town late this morning. A big turnout of welcomers urged the Chief Executive to address the crowd.

From Rosario the President proceeded to San Juan, where he had lunch at the residence of Mrs. Soledad Hernandez, after which he addressed another rally. He then proceeded to Tanauan with a whistlestop in Malvar.

In Tanauan the President heard Sunday mass at the town’s Catholic church.

He addressed another rally at the town plaza after having merienda at the house of Mayor Pedro Gonzales. The final rally was held in Lipa City, where he spoke before a big crowd early in the evening.

After dinner at the residence of Sen. Maria Kalaw-Katigbak in Lipa City, the Chief Executive motored back to Manila.

October 21.—PRESIDENT Macapagal had a quiet day today after returning early this morning from a three-day campaign tour of Batangas province. He spent the whole morning resting.

In the afternoon the President had a tape-recording of his daily 15-minute radio chat entitled Pakinggan ang Pangulong Macapagal, which he started yesterday. Aired over all major radio stations in the country, the series of radio talks will be made by the Chief Executive daily up to the eve of the elections.

Later the President worked on state papers in his private study. The President this day signed a proclamation declaring October 23, this year as a special public holiday in the municipality of Badoc, Ilocos Norte. The Chief Executive issued the proclamation to give the people of Badoc an opportunity to Celebrate with fitting ceremonies the 106th birthday anniversary of Juan Luna, a patriot and the first internationally-renowned Filipino painter.

October 22.—PRESIDENT Macapagal arrived in Mauban, Quezon, at 2 p.m. today almost three hours behind schedule. He stopped there for lunch on the first day of a two-day stump of Quezon.

His stump of Quezon towns began inauspiciously as a continuous drizzle dogged his political drive to strengthen the bid of local Liberal Party candidates headed by Gov. Claro Robles.

President Macapagal’s No. 1 car bogged down along a rough road, in that place. Mechanics said the presidential Impala car busted its coil pring.

The President had to transfer to a new Ford Galaxie which was being, used for presidential security men.

The President left Malacañang at eight o’clock this morning. Upon passing through the Laguna-Quezon boundary, he met with Liberal Party leaders led by Gov. Robles and Rep. Felix Caliwara.

President Macapagal fixed the opening salvo in Tiaong, invoking the late Senator Claro M. Recto’s dream of federating the states of Malaya, Indonesia, and the Philippines. He said that Maphilindo was a fulfillment of Recto’s dream.

From Tiaong the President proceeded to Candelaria, Sariaya, and Mau-ban. He had lunch at the residence of Mayor Amado Clemente. He was scheduled to stay overnight in Lucena City.

October 23.—PRESIDENT Macapagal said today he was “gratified” that a majority of the Supreme Court has upheld the view that it would be against the interest of the country and of the people to stop the nice importations which had been contracted for in good faith.

The President, at the same time, voiced regret over the Supreme Court ruling on the legality of the importations, saying it poses a problem to the Administration’s resolve to keep the common people from hunger in the next lean period of from July to September, next year.

But he said, “We shall endeavor to meet the problem within the context of the Supreme Court ruling because we consider it our duty to keep our people, from going hungry within the purview of our laws.”

The President was scheduled to wind up his two-day stump of the different towns of Quezon province in an effort to strengthen the bid of Liberal Party candidates in the area.

He started the day in Lucena City where he stayed for the night and, upon waking up, read the Manila newspapers which brought the bad news of the adverse decision of the Supreme Court in connection with the controversial rice importation.

He called for Press Secretary Leoncio R. Paruñgao, Jr., and discussed the issuing of a statement in connection with the high tribunal’s decision. He said he was not in favor of seeking a reconsideration of the adverse decision of the high court.

October 24.PRESIDENT Macapagal said in Guinayangan, Quezon, today that the opposition and their supporters are “irresponsible rumor and gossip-mongers” who do not bother to verify wild rumors before dignifying them as charges against the Administration.

“An opposition that cannot stand on nothing but unsubstantiated rumors and gossips has become an impotent opposition that does not deserve public the President audience,” the President declared.

In speeches in the course of his tour of Quezon province, he said that unless the habit of passing gossip and rumors as news and of making charges is stopped, democracy is in peril of being weakened and subverted.

“The Administration welcomes valid and substantiated criticism but condemns the use of gossips and rumors as destructive of democratic institutions which thrive on truth and not on gossip and lies,” the President added.

President Macapagal, who returned early this morning from a three-day stump of Quezon province, left again ,at 9 this evening for the Bicol region aboard a special presidential train.

The Chief Executive boarded the presidential train at Sta. Mesa station “en route to Naga City, where he will hold the “Common Man’s Day” tomorrow at the Ateneo de Naga.

The President returned at 8:30 this morning on board a special train from Guinayangan, Quezon.

He embarked at the junction of the superhighway on Epifanio de los Santos Avenue.

Upon his return to Malacañang, the President had breakfast with Mrs. Macapagal and then rested the whole morning.

This afternoon the President taped his daily radio chat entitled Pakinggan and ating Pangulong  Macapagal.

After taping his radio chats, the President rested in his bedroom.

President Macapagal today expressed belief that the government’s new land reform program will be a deciding-factor on whether the country “will rise to the heights of prosperity in the future or whether we shall forever be burdened by the deadening weight of agricultural stagnation.”

In a brief address at the closing ceremony of the first supervisory seminar on management for land reform, read by acting Agricultural Secretary Jose Feliciano, the President, at the same time, warned personnel of the land reform agencies not to engage in petty bickering or divisive personal conflicts that could spell failure for the program.

He said the program, which is embodied in the Agricultural Land Reform Code, is much more ambitious and comprehensive than other past plans and therefore requires a harmonious mobilization of manpower to insure its success.

Its objectives, he added, cut deeply into the established social institutions and its underlying philosophy calls for fundamental changes in the country’s agricultural society “and the resources it needs to carry out its aims are necessarily massive.”

October 25.—PRESIDENT Macapagal arrived in Naga City at 8 o’clock this morning after: an uneventful trip from Manila aboard the presidential tram.

He was accompanied by Sen. Estanislao Fernandez, Press Secretary Leoncio Paruñgao, Jr., Manila Railroad Manager Pedro de Peralta, some MRR directors, and Malacañang newsmen. MRR Chairman Paulino Cases was consequently absent from the group.

Upon arrival in Naga, the President was met by a crowd headed by Gov. Apolonio Maleniza of Camarines Sur and Mrs. Milagros Abella, presidential assistant on community development.

The President went straight to the Cathedral for a Te Deum and a visit with Archbishop Pedro Santos. Then he repaired to the Ateneo de Naga gymnasium, where he received 3,778 callers on his weekly “Common Man’s Day.”

Among those who sought audience with the President was a delegation of the Naga City Barrio Lieutenants League headed by its President, Ramon S. Tolaram, and its vice-president, Felix T. Bio, Sr., who requested the release of funds for the improvement of Naga City.

President Macapagal also authorized a loan of P200 each to 25 applicants from the National Cottage Industries Authority.

Galo Meliton, NACIDA director, issued the loans with centayo coins in connection with the Administration’s “Respect the Centavo” drive.

In the afternoon the President laid the cornerstone for the new Veterans Bank branch in Naga City and started his campaign by touring the nearby towns of Camaligan, Canaman, Magargo, Bombon, and Calabanga.

October 26.—THE President woke up early this morning after a late rally last night in Naga City where he proclaimed Ramon San Andres, LP senatorial bet Tecla San Andres Ziga’s brother, as the LP mayoralty candidate in Naga. This proclamation in the rally touched off dissensions and a pocket-sized rebellion with the LP camp in Naga.

Leading the rebellion is Ramon Felipe, another LP candidate in Naga who is being backed by GSIS General Manager Ramon Diaz, and PACD Chairman Milagros Abella.

Felipe said he was ignoring the President’s appeal that he withdraw from the race and spurned the Chief Executive’s offer to accept a government position.

The President had breakfast at the residence of Camarines Sur Gov. Apolonio Maleniza of fore starting the second day of campaign in Camarines Sur. The President later stumped in the towns of Pili, Ocampo, Tiagon, Lagonoy, and San Jose.

After lunch in Goa, the President will proceed to Baao, lriga, Nabua, and Bato, also to campaign.

The President is scheduled to pass the night at the residence of Health Secretary Floro Dabu in Goa, who is accompanying the Chief Executive in the stumping tour. Their two other companions are Gov. Maleniza and Manuel Leelin, a Manila businessman.

Source: National Library of the Philippines

Office of the President of the Philippines. (1963). Official Week in Review. Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines, 59(43), cccxxix-cccxxxi.