Executive Order No. 625, s. 1980





WHEREAS, the field of geological sciences assumes a prominent role in the country’s urgent search for more energy and mineral resources as well as in the popular concern for environmental protection and conservation;

WHEREAS, local efforts in the field of geological sciences are handled by several government agencies and institutions;

WHEREAS, international programs and activities in the geological sciences involving Philippine participation require the unified planning and action by several government agencies and institutions concerned;

WHEREAS, the creation of a coordinating body involving the government agencies and institutions concerned would provide a vehicle for the systematic planning and deliberation of national programs in the geological sciences as well as Philippine participation in international geological activities; eliminate undue duplication of efforts and expenditures; facilitate data exchange and monitoring; and provide government policy makers on advisory body concerning developments in the geological sciences;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution, do hereby order and ordain the following:

SECTION 1. Creation of the National Committee on Geological Sciences. – There is hereby created a National Committee on Geological Sciences, hereinafter referred to as the Committee, which shall be under the authority of the Office of the President; and which shall ensure unified action by all government agencies in international activities related to the geological sciences. The Committee shall serve as an advisory body to the government and a coordinating body of all government agencies involved in the aforesaid activities without prejudice to the internal affairs of the individual agencies concerned.

SECTION 2. Definition and Scope of Geological Sciences. – The term “Geological Sciences” is herein defined as that group of disciplines in the natural sciences dealing with the earth, its composition, physics, structure and evolution. It shall include, among others, the following disciplines: Geochemistry; Petrology; Mineralogy; Geophysics; Geodynamics; Structural Geology; Tectonics; Geomorphology; Volcanology; Seismology; Stratigraphy; Paleontology; Historical Geology; Economic Geology; and such interdisciplinary subjects as Marine Geology, Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, Petroleum Geology, Environmental Geology, Mineral Economics, Mining Geology, Geomathematics, Geostatistics, Geobarometry, Geochronology, Nuclear Geology, Geothermometry, Astrogeology, Remote Sensing in Geology and others.

SECTION 3. Composition of the Committee. – The Committee shall be composed of the following agencies through their official representatives: Bureau of Mines and Geo-Sciences (Ministry of Natural Resources) Bureau of Coast and Geodetic Survey (Ministry of National Defense), Commission on Volcanology (National Science Development Board), Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Ministry of National Defense), Department of Geology and Geography (University of the Philippines), National Research Council of the Philippines (National Science Development Board), Natural Resources Management Center (Ministry of Natural Resources), Mines Research Division, (Philippine Council for Agriculture and Resources Research) National Economic and Development Authority, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other concerned agencies that may wish to join the Committee. The Bureau of Mines and Geo-Sciences shall serve as the lead agency.

SECTION 4. Powers and Functions. – In line with its primary responsibility, the Committee shall exercise the following powers and functions, to wit:

1. Advise the President of the Philippines and other government and private entities on matters concerning development in geological sciences, particularly those related to environmental protection, development/conservation of energy and mineral resources, and participation in international geological programs;

2. Coordinate, promote and monitor national programs as well as Philippine participation in regional and international programs on geological sciences;

3. Facilitate effective representation of the Philippines, through properly selected/organized adhering bodies and representatives, in international geological organizations;

4. Facilitate the compilation, storage, retrieval, analysis and dissemination of information about geological sciences;

5. Solicit and accept donations and monetary contributions from local and foreign sources for the purpose of implementing/financing the programs of this Committee.

6. Formulate and implement such rules and regulations as may be necessary to administer the provisions thereof.

SECTION 5. Officers. – The Committee members shall elect among themselves a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman who shall serve a term of two years. They shall be assisted by a secretariat headed by a permanent Executive Secretary who shall come from the Bureau of Mines and Geo-Sciences as may be designated by the Director of Mines and Geo-Sciences. The Secretariat shall hold permanent office in the Bureau of Mines and Geo-Sciences.

SECTION 6. Funding. – The Director of Mines and Geo-Sciences, as head of the lead agency, is hereby authorized to allocate and disburse funds necessary for the operation and maintenance of the Committee from savings out of the 1980 and 1981 budget allocation for the Bureau of Mines and Geo-Sciences; and thereafter include the Committee’s budget in the budgetary requirement of the Bureau of Mines and Geo-Sciences.

SECTION 7. Effectivity. – This Order shall take effect immediately.

Done in the City of Manila, this 8th day of October, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty.

President of the Philippines

By the President:

Presidential Assistant

SourceMalacañang Records Office

Office of the President of the Philippines. (1980). [Executive Order Nos. : 606 – 630]. Manila : Malacañang Records Office.