Presidential Decree No. 1762, s. 1981




WHEREAS, the Burnham Park Reservation was reserved for park purposes by virtue of Proclamation No. 64 promulgated August 6, 1925;

WHEREAS, the Burnham Park has since then, evolved into the central amusement milieu for both local and foreign tourists visitingBaguioCity; and

WHEREAS, the increment of tourist arrivals to the Philippines in general, Baguio City in particular, dictate the centralization of the planning, development, management and direction of tourism zones and peculiar geographical locations with indubitable touristic appeal under an entity of the government knowledgeable of the ramifications of the tourism industry;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Republic of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution do hereby transfer, cede and convey to the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) for tourism development purposes that certain parcel of land of the public domain located in the City of Baguio and all the improvements thereon which is more particularly described as follows:

Lot No. 104

Lot104 (residential section “A” Burnham Park). Beginning at a point marked cross on plan thence S. 45-00 E. 384.95 m. to point 2; S. 45-00 W. 131.48 m. to point 3; S. 11-57 E. 81.57 m. to point 4; S. 45-00 E. 330.70 m. to point 5; S. 45-00 W. 105.80 m. to point 6; WEST 110.00 m. to point 7; S. 9-11 W. 68.88 m. to point 8; S. 17-25 E. 140.16 m. to point 9; S. 88-57 W. 66.00 m. to point 10; S. 82-03 W. 70-06 m. to point 11; N. 84-06 W. 76.05 m. to point 12; N. 9-34 E. 11 53 m. to point 13; N. 14-50 W. 38.19 m. to point 14; N. 15-06 W. 48.21 m. to point 15; N. 21-40 W. 1.68 m. to point 16; N. 14-26 W. 26.87 m. to point 17; N. 16-39 E. 3.14 m. to point 18; N. 16-49 E. 29.99 m. to point 19; N. 16-49 E. 7.71 m. to point 20; N. 14.21 W. 22.27 m. to point 21; N. 14-19 W. 30.01 m. to point 22; N. 14-16 W. 16.92 m. to point 23; N. 0-21 W. 13.11 m. to point 24; N. 7-36 W. 34.00 m. to point 25; N. 7-44 W. 14.13 m. to point 26; N. 7-29 W. 30.66 m. to point 27; N. 57-33 W. 25.96 m. to point 28; N. 47-40 W. 174.27 m. to point 29; N. 43-07 W. 155.21 m. to point 30; N. 41-28 W. 108.99 m. to point 31; N. 45-00 E. 130.77 m. to point 32; N. 45-00 E. 180.45 m. to point 33; N. 45-00 E. 130.77 m. to point 1, point of beginning.

Containing 328,394.39 square meters and all the improvements thereon.

Points 4, 21, 23, and 29, B. L.

Bounded on the northeast, by Street No. 36, Block 1, and residential section “A” on the southwest, by residential section “A”, block 69; on the southwest, by blocks 51-a, 52-a, 53-a, 55-a, 57-a, 59, 61, 63, 65, 67, residential section “A”, and block 79-a; and on the northwest, by blocks 3, 6, business section “B” blocks 5, 6 and business section “A”.

The PTA shall take immediate possession, administration and control of the park upon approval hereof and review any and all contracts, agreements or covenants entered in respect thereto with the end in view of terminating those inconsistent with the purpose of this Decree.

The Philippine Tourism Authority may not alienate, mortgage or otherwise encumber the said parcel of land or any portion thereof.

This Decree shall take effect immediately.

All laws, decrees, proclamations and executive orders inconsistent herewith are hereby revoked or modified accordingly.

Done in the City of Manila, this 6th day of January, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-one.


By the President:
Deputy Presidential Executive Assistant

Source: Malacañang Records Office